Missing Sweethearts This Valentine's Day? Try Jelly Belly's 'Conversation Beans' Instead

Shaunacy Ferro
Shaunacy Ferro

If you've been mourning the loss of Sweethearts candies, let Jelly Belly fill the void in your heart—and stomach. Following reports that Necco's Sweethearts wouldn't be sold this year as the brand transitions to new ownership, the Jelly Belly Candy Company stepped in to save Valentine’s Day by offering boxes of "Conversation Beans."

Sure, they're more kidney- than heart-shaped, but they serve the same purpose. The beans come in five sour flavors—apple, cherry, grape, lemon, and orange—and feature a few different Valentine's Day sayings. Your classic "HUGS" and "XOXO" messages are represented, as are internet-speak acronyms like "LOL" and "ILY."

The company has also released Love Beans (heart-stamped jelly beans) and Sparkling Cupid Corn (like candy corn, but pink, red, and strawberry-flavored) in time for the holiday.

A box of Jelly Belly conversation beans
Jelly Belly

As for those Sweethearts we've all come to know and love—even if some don't actually enjoy eating them—there's hope on the horizon. The Spangler Candy Company, which now owns the rights to Necco Wafers and Sweethearts, previously released a statement indicating that Sweethearts would be back on store shelves by Valentine's Day in 2020.

However, that press release has since been removed from the company's website, and a new statement promises a Sweethearts return under more ambiguous terms. "We wish we could have Sweethearts out for the 2019 Valentine season, but it's just not possible," the company said Thursday, according to CandyStore.com. "We are committed to making sure these brands meet consumer expectations when they reenter the market. Doing it right takes time."

Until that day, there will be plenty of "SWEET" and sour conversation beans to go around.

Microwave Your Food Safely With This Soft Silicone Lunch Box


Even if the contents of your lunch are healthy, the container you pack it in may pose a threat to your health. Heating up some plastic food storage containers can release harmful chemicals, which is why the American Academy of Pediatrics warns families to avoid putting such products in the microwave or dishwasher. (And there's still some debate as to what constitutes a microwave-safe plastic.) But the All-Silicone Lunch Box, a storage product currently raising money on Kickstarter, is strong enough to stand up to a range of temperatures, allowing you to safely put it in the freezer, the microwave, and the dishwasher.

This lunch container is made from silicone instead of plastic, making it a safer choice for kids and adults. The flexible box is easy to seal, open, and wash (either by hand or in the dishwasher). And whether you're using it to store leftovers in the freezer or heat up your lunch in the office kitchen, the All-Silicone Lunch Box is designed to maintain its shape and not leech anything unsavory into your food.

After originally releasing a single-compartment box, ParentDiary has now developed a lunch box with dividers, too. The container is now available with three compartments (perfect for snacks or bento boxes), or two compartments (with each side just big enough to fit half a sandwich).

The All-Silicone Lunch Box has over a month left to reach its $4000 funding goal and has raised $1000 so far.

Pledge $12 or more on Kickstarter by May 19 to reserve your own lunch box, with shipping set for June. For more packed lunch inspiration (including some other great silicone options), check out these products.

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The Joy of Breakfast: Bob Ross Cereal Is Here to Make Mornings a Little Happier


Bob Ross's sunny disposition is the perfect match for breakfast. The painter and television personality already has his own toaster, and now Food & Wine reports that he's also inspired a breakfast cereal.

Bob Ross: The Joy of Cereal channels the many landscape paintings Bob Ross produced on his television series, The Joy of Painting. It's loaded with toasted oat bites and colorful marshmallows shapes. There are seven distinct marshmallow pieces—happy little trees, happy little accidents, almighty mountains, guiding stars, rainbow hearts, charming little cabins, and lovely little bushes—but like a good artist, you may need to get creative to figure out which shape matches which description.

While starting your day with a bowl of Bob Ross cereal, you can further awaken your artistic side by looking at the back of the box. The package features a cutout “positivity paint palate” with inspirational quotes from the painter. Reading them first thing in the morning is the next best thing to watching reruns of the The Joy of Painting on YouTube.

Bob Ross: The Joy of Cereal is now available from FYE for $10 a box. For Bob Ross merchandise with an even longer shelf life, check out these products.

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