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The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About 'Cheech & Chong: Still Smokin'

Alvin Ward

15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Vegas Vacation

Sean Hutchinson

9 Niche Blogs for Your Perusal

Miss Cellania

Morning Cup of Links: Lord of the Rings Trivia

Miss Cellania

4 People Who Built Your Computer

David W Brown

Clico: The Story of Franz Taaibosch

Miss Cellania

Morning Cup of Links: Solar-Powered Cats

Miss Cellania

Morning Cup of Links: FCC to Regulate Net Neutrality

Miss Cellania

Weekend Links: The Eiffel Tower’s Secret Apartment

Roma Panganiban

How to Avoid the 29 Biggest Computer Mistakes (of 1993)

Chris Higgins

"You're only allowed to have one floppy disk in the disk drive at one time."

3 Gangsters of the Plant Kingdom

Matt Soniak the mag

Most plants are sweet, sunlight-chugging citizens. These carnivorous kingpins are not.

16 Movies That Almost Starred Al Pacino

Jennifer M Wood

Michael Corleone as Han Solo? A look back at the many iconic roles that could’ve been for Al Pacino, who turns 75 years old today.

Impress the Ladies and Surf in a Business Suit

Rebecca OConnell

Over the Rainbow: The Technicolor Life of the Man Who Created Oz

the mag

Once upon a time, fairy tales were dark fables designed to scare children into good behavior. This author thought kids deserved better.