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With Training, We Can Learn to Spot Fake News

Kate Horowitz

Researchers say we can inoculate ourselves against fabrications the same way we would a virus.

25 Fascinating Facts About ‘Breaking Bad’

Jennifer M Wood

Tread lightly.

How Foley Artists Use Food to Make Sound Effects

Michele Debczak

Fruits and vegetables have produced some of film's most gruesome sound effects.

10 of History's Best Compliments

Kirstin Fawcett

They range from heartfelt and historically significant to bold, backhanded, or bizarre.

How Are Oscar Nominees Chosen?

Sean Hutchinson

The voting process that determines the Oscar nominees is a long and complicated undertaking that involves approximately 6000 voting members and hundreds of eligible films and filmmakers.

Handy Device Chills Your Beer in Just 60 Seconds

Rebecca OConnell

No more putting your cans in the freezer, forgetting about them, and having to clean up frozen beer slush.

Meet Vincent Connare: The Man Who Invented Comic Sans

Kirstin Fawcett

"It’s probably is the best thing I have ever done."

5 Questions: Supreme Court Cases

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New Food Recycling Appliance Will Turn Scraps Into Fertilizer in 24 Hours

Shaunacy Ferro

The creators of the Zera Food Recycler want to turn composting into a hands-free activity.

The 10 Most Interesting Comics of January

Rich Barrett

Each month, we round up the most interesting comics, graphic novels, webcomics, digital comics and comic-related Kickstarters that we recommend you check out.

What’s the Best Way to Stop Yourself From Choking?

Kate Horowitz

What you do next could save your life … but what do you do next?

Did the NSA Really Ban Furbys?

Doug Wallack

For the Best Deal, Order Your Valentine's Day Flowers Now

Kirstin Fawcett

Love is free, but romance certainly isn't.

Nicktoons Funko Dolls Are Coming—After These Messages

Rebecca OConnell

Time to celebrate with Push-Up Pops and a game of Pogs.

Scientists Want to Brew Beer on the Moon

Michele Debczak

One small step for hops, one giant leap for malt-kind.