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Giant LEGO Millennium Falcon Took 10,000 Pieces to Build

Rebecca OConnell

Name the US States That Contain Double Letters (The Same Letter Twice In A Row)

10 Foods That (Thankfully) Flopped

Name the Movie by the Line of Trivia From IMDb

Morning Cup of Links: The Silent and Deadly Owl

Miss Cellania

7 Blood-Thirsty Facts About Europe’s Real-Life Vampires

Hide a Plant on Your Bookshelf

Rebecca OConnell

Sneak some foliage into your library.

Doctors Find Fetus Inside 4-Year-Old Boy's Stomach

Kirstin Fawcett

The rare condition is called fetus-in-fetu, or "a baby within a baby."

With the “Cocktail Computer,” Imbibing Just Got Even More Fun

Caitlin Schneider

When you can't decide on a cocktail, this device will compute one for you.

7 Gorgeous Old Illustrations of Sea Creatures

Erin McCarthy

The ocean is full of incredible creatures vying for our attention. The Rare Book Room at the American Museum of Natural History is giving them the spotlight they deserve

The Time That William Shakespeare Gave Evidence In Court

Paul Anthony Jones

Annie Oakley Once Took Hearst Newspapers to Court for Reporting a False Cocaine Addiction

Valerie DeBenedette

The biggest fight of Annie Oakley’s life was not in the Old West—it was in courtrooms across the country.

WWI Centennial: Germans Execute Edith Cavell

Erik Sass

The First World War was an unprecedented catastrophe that shaped our modern world. Erik Sass is covering the events of the war exactly 100 years after they happened.

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Aliens May Be Watching 'The Honeymooners'

Andrew LaSane

Earth's cultural ambassador: Jackie Gleason.

Sláinte! 16 Delicious Facts About Guinness

Emily Becker

Hold your next pint up to the light. The beer's official color is actually ruby red.