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Giant LEGO Millennium Falcon Took 10,000 Pieces to Build

Rebecca OConnell

Name the US States That Contain Double Letters (The Same Letter Twice In A Row)

10 Foods That (Thankfully) Flopped

Name the Movie by the Line of Trivia From IMDb

Morning Cup of Links: The Silent and Deadly Owl

Miss Cellania

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

The weirdest news stories of hte week.

Trivia Questions in 15 Different Categories

Take the quiz!

12 Media Accounts of Beanie Babies Hysteria, Circa the 1990s

Jake Rossen

When people were willing to steal, trample, and murder over a Poopsie the Bear.

Morning Cup of Links: Lots of Goats

Miss Cellania

America’s Oldest City Is Celebrating Its 450th Birthday

Kirstin Fawcett

St. Augustine, Florida will honor the occasion with a multi-day birthday celebration.

Become Best Bros With Your Crosswalk Pole With "Walkbump"

Rebecca OConnell


People Who Suffer From Incontinence Now Have Sexy Underwear

Shaunacy Ferro

Confitex lingerie is aimed at the millions of people in the world who can’t always hold it in.

13 Close-Up Facts About ‘Sunset Boulevard’

Eric D Snider

At 65 years old, Hollywood's cruelly accurate depiction of itself is no has-been.

How Every School in the Preseason Top 25 Got Its Nickname

Scott Allen

Here's a little history for your next tailgate party.

Meet the Georgia Tech Graduate Who Never Existed

Caitlin Schneider

William Edgar Smith earned himself an extraneous college degree for committing (admirably) to a joke.