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Morning Cup of Links


Bruges Now Has a Beer Pipeline

Jake Rossen

Belgium: Showing the rest of the world how it's done.

Here's Your First Look at Harry, Ginny, and Albus from 'Cursed Child'

Erin McCarthy

Next week, the curtain rises on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child's first preview in the West End—and to celebrate, Pottermore has released new portraits of the actors playing Harry, Ginny, and A

15 Facts About Clint Eastwood to Make Your Day

Roger Cormier

He went from begging Billy Wilder for a job to turning down playing James Bond and Superman.

Why Do We Kiss With Our Eyes Closed?

Kirstin Fawcett

It might be to focus on the subject at hand (or, well, at face).

Ingenious Tinkerers Create Real-Life Version of 'Pong'

Michele Debczak

'Pong' has officially come full circle.

In the Victorian Era, You Could Get a Job Delivering Meat to Cats

Caitlin Schneider

London's 19th century cats had it pretty good.

13 Offbeat Ancient Recipes from Around the World

Kristina Killgrove

Porpoise porridge, anyone?

How Scientists are Saving Threatened Albatross Chicks

Anna Green

High waves and tsunamis have begun to affect albatross nesting grounds in Hawaii, and scientists believe the situation will only get worse.

Watch Tony Hawk Perform Skateboard Tricks in Zero Gravity

Andrew LaSane

Hawk and fellow skater Aaron Homoki experience weightlessness aboard a special Boeing jet.

5 Questions: Sherlock Holmes

Pass rate:75 %
Backwards navigation:Forbidden

Cameo Brooches Look Like Tiny Mounted Animal Busts

Rebecca OConnell

These pins are a fun spin on classic cameo jewelry.

Dad Turns His 4-Year-Old Son’s Adventures Into Action Movies

Anna Green

Daniel Hashimoto films his son’s imaginary adventures and then adds special effects.

Morning Cup of Links: McDonalds Around the World

Miss Cellania

Interesting, funny, and fascinating links!

11 Old School Foods That Need to Make a Comeback

Gwendolyn Purdom

Bring back the cheese ball!

The Time a British Judge Called Hip-Hop a 'Foreign Language'

Nick Keppler

The judge considered bringing a drug dealer to court as an expert witness to testify about terminology.