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What Happens When You Reply to Email Scams

Chris Higgins

"Solomon, Your email intrigues me."

How the Wind Chill Makes Cold Days Even Worse

Dennis Mersereau

If you stay outside too long, your body will eventually start working to warm your internal organs instead of your extremities, chilling your arms and legs to the point of frostbite.

18 Facts About 'The Silence of the Lambs'

Roger Cormier

It was released on Valentine’s Day in 1991.

Look Up! The Valentine's Day Star Is High in the Sky Tonight

David W Brown

The red supergiant even "pulses" as its atmosphere expands and contracts.

How 'Seinfeld' and Gustave Flaubert Intersect in "Nothing"

Chris Higgins

"It's about...NOTHING!" Or is it?

A Sculptor Reimagines Mythical Sea Monsters From Maps

Kirstin Fawcett

From Bailey Henderson's “Monstrorum Marines."

Scientists Are Teaching Drones to Find Lost Hikers

Anna Green

These new drones can pick out forest trails as skillfully as an expert hiker.

5 Creative Ways to Extinguish a Candle

Rebecca OConnell

Because just blowing it out is boring.

The Time Singapore Turned Away Led Zeppelin Because of Their Long Hair

Nick Keppler

Singapore officials: "NO STAIRWAY."

How Wine Corks Preserve Forests (and Birds)

Chris Higgins

Wine corks come from carefully managed forests...where endangered birds live.

25 Surprising Facts About Your Favorite Romantic Comedies

This Valentine’s Day, know your rom-coms.

This Font Was Designed Exclusively for Coding

Michele Debczak

"Operator" aims to make web developing just a little easier.

25 Larger-Than-Life Facts About Texas

Anna Green

The birthplace of presidents, movie stars, folk heroes, and outlaws, here are 25 facts about the Lone Star State.

The Men Who Stare at Laundry

Kate Horowitz

The international Washing Machine Collectors Club is now 3000 members strong.

A Brutal Cold Snap Is Freezing Much of the U.S. This Weekend

Dennis Mersereau

Low temperatures on Saturday morning will plummet to double digits below zero in the Upper Midwest, with lows on Saturday and Sunday dipping near or below zero in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.