Big Question
Why Is Bacon Sometimes Green?
It looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it's perfectly normal.... READ ON
Miss Cellania
8 Restaurant Treats Made with Girl Scout Cookies
Talented chefs from all over take the opportunity to devise treats made with Girl Scout Cookies.... READ ON
Live Smarter
Naked Juice Will Change Its Labels to Accurately Reflect Ingredients
The makeover was triggered by a lawsuit alleging that the drinks' packaging misled customers.... READ ON
McDonald's Unveils Excavated Roman Road Beneath Italian Location
They're billing the site as their "first museum-restaurant."... READ ON
7 Surprising Uses for Tequila
Mexico’s patron spirit is good for more than just one hell of a hangover.... READ ON
Peeps Oreos Have Arrived, Just in Time for Easter
Skipping over St. Patrick's Day entirely, Nabisco has debuted a new Oreo flavor that features golden vanilla sandwich cookies packed with sparkling Peeps creme.... READ ON
Live Smarter
5 Tips for Grocery Shopping on a Budget
On average, Americans spend $151 a week on food.... READ ON
Iceland’s President Would Ban Pineapple Pizza if He Could
He has a firm stance on the fruit-on-pizza debate.... READ ON
5 of the Most Expensive Pizzas Ever Made
There’s a big difference between a $40 gourmet pie—and a $12,000 one.... READ ON
New York's Golden Girls-Themed Cafe Is Finally Here
They serve cheesecake, naturally.... READ ON
Michelin Guide Mistakenly Awards Star to Humble French Cafe
Foodies flocked to the restaurant after the error was published.... READ ON
Family Cracks Open Chicken Egg to Find Another Egg Inside
The phenomenon is rare but not unheard of.... READ ON
The Presidents
Eat Like a Commander-in-Chief: 15 President-Approved Recipes
'The Presidents’ Cookbook' includes not just recipes, but everything you could ever want to know about how chief executives up to Lyndon B. Johnson entertained.... READ ON
Time to Zelebrate: Zima is Making a Comeback!
The ‘90s libation, and longtime punch line, is coming back to liquor stores.... READ ON
12 Fun Facts About Some of Our Favorite Beers
Break these out at your next happy hour.... READ ON
9 Things You Might Not Know About Peet's Coffee
Peet's founder launched the American gourmet coffee industry in California 50 years ago.... READ ON

Nicholas Breakspear wasn't a relative of William Shakespeare, but he did have his own claim to fame: He was the first Englishman to become Pope.

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