Jelly Bean Day Fact: Jelly Beans Are Made With Insect Secretions
Happy Jelly Bean Day?!... READ ON
7 Animals That Smell Like Jelly Beans (Because It's National Jelly Bean Day)
These seven animals are olfactory dead ringers for classic Jelly Belly flavors.... READ ON
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Why Are Dairy Queen Blizzards Served Upside Down?
You can thank a cranky custard store owner and an annoying 14-year-old for this "tradition."... READ ON
The Best Sandwiches in All 50 States
Whether you're in the mood for a piled-high deli sandwich, a fresh lobster roll, or a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich, we've got you covered.... READ ON
New York’s Trans Fat Ban Reduced Heart Attacks and Strokes
Counties that implemented trans fat bans saw a significant decline in heart attacks and strokes compared to counties without bans.... READ ON
A Delicious Asset: Inside Italy's Cheese Bank
Wheels of parmigiano-reggiano can be worth thousands of dollars, making them a safe bet for banks looking for collateral.... READ ON
Live Smarter
Study Sheds Light on Why Salty Snacks Are So Addictive
Salty food doesn't make you thirsty, but it might make you hungry.... READ ON
IKEA May Be Launching Stand-Alone Cafes
No longer must you trek to the furniture warehouse for a great Swedish meatball.... READ ON
14 Classic Facts About Cracker Jack
Take a look at the snack that’s become synonymous with America’s pastime.... READ ON
10 Items You Should Keep In Your Freezer
If you're just using your freezer for frozen pizza and pints of ice cream, you're missing out.... READ ON
Celebrate Animal Cracker Day With These Grown-Up Snacks
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The Unsung Army of Women Who Fed America and Its Allies During World War II
The forgotten story of 3 million women who dropped everything to help out on American farms.... READ ON
Let This Triceratops Feed You Tacos
Sure, it was designed for kids, but we see no problem with adults enjoying it as well.... READ ON
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How Does Jelly Belly Create Its Weird Flavors?
Michelin-Starred Chef to Bring His Soup Kitchen Concept to the U.S.
His "Refettorios" have fed communities in Rio and Milan.... READ ON
Unzipping the Story of Fashion Cafe
"Naomi's Fish and Chips" was not quite the hot seller it was expected to be.... READ ON

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were the only two men who signed the Declaration of Independence who also went on to become President of the United States.

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