Han Solo's $1.3 Million Empire Strikes Back Jacket Went Ignored on a Rack for Decades

Prop Store
Prop Store

Presumably to help insulate Han Solo from the breezier conditions in Cloud City, Harrison Ford traded in his sleeveless vest from 1978’s Star Wars for a long-sleeved jacket in 1980’s The Empire Strikes Back. Following his Indiana Jones fedora, it might be Ford’s most recognizable wardrobe item. And according to Newsweek, it’s been languishing on a clothing rack for decades.

The jacket, which is expected to fetch as much as $1.3 million in a movie memorabilia auction on September 20, was excavated by Prop Store CEO Stephen Lane, who traced its origins back to original costume makers Caledonian Costumes. Caledonian crafted and rented the jacket to Lucasfilm, which returned it when filming on Empire ended in 1979. From there, it appeared to be all but forgotten.

“We found out that company had gone bust in the late ‘80s,” Lane told Newsweek. “They had sold their assets to two different costume houses.”

Of the two, one was still in business, and Lane began calling to insist he be allowed to examine their inventory for potentially valuable Star Wars-related items. Lane spent hours combing through their stock before brushing up against the jacket he immediately recognized as Ford’s.

Prop Store employees later pored over a Blu-ray of the movie to identify frames that matched up with the jacket found in the storage facility. Despite not being handled with the reverence that might accompany knowledge it was used in a Star Wars film, it’s suffered only minor wear and tear.

A look at Harrison Ford's screen-used jacket from 'The Empire Strikes Back'
Prop Store

According to the auction house, the jacket is blue-grey in color but appears to be a navy blue on film. It also lacks buttons, which was an edict of director George Lucas, since he felt fasteners would make it appear too modern-day.

If the jacket can fetch the pre-auction estimate high of $1.3 million, it would easily break records for the most valuable piece of Force-related memorabilia ever sold. The Panavision camera used by Lucas to film the original sold for $625,000 in 2011; a TIE Fighter model earned $402,000 in 2008.

The Prop Store auction is also set to feature Brad Pitt’s colorful robe from Fight Club and Catwoman’s corset from Batman Returns. The items will be on display to the public through September 20 at the BFI IMAX in London. And if Ford’s jacket is out of your financial reach, you might consider bidding on a cast model of C-3PO’s buttocks from Star Wars. Bidding starts at $870.

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Peter Dinklage Faked His Own Death on Game of Thrones to Mess With People


by Kwadar Ray

Tyrion Lannister has been one of the few Game of Thrones characters to survive the gory, fantasy/action series. ​Ned Stark, Robb Stark, and Khal Drogo are just some of the many prominent characters Lannister has outlasted. Despite Tyrion's wherewithal and smarts to keep himself alive, the actor behind the character, ​Peter Dinklage, enjoys doing the exact opposite just for kicks.

While promoting his upcoming film I Think We’re Alone Now, the actor revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that he enjoys staging his death and waiting for unsuspecting crew members to find his body.

"I like to pretend I’m dead. It’s always fun," Dinklage said nonchalantly. "Just my legs sprawled out in the trailer. You’ve got to get really smushed into the floor in a very awkward position ... I’ll wait hours. We have a lot of time on set."

Dinklage explained that he does not have a usual victim. "For whoever, the wardrobe person or the producers," the equal opportunity prankster told Kimmel.

It's hilarious the Emmy-winning actor plays some pretty dark pranks on set, but we just sincerely hope him revealing this is not his way of foreshadowing for the eighth and final season of the show. Even if we know it's ​going to be a heartbreaking season, we need Tyrion to keep on pushing along!

Everything You Need to Know About the New DC Universe Streaming Service

Brenton Thwaites stars in DC Universe's Titans
Brenton Thwaites stars in DC Universe's Titans
Warner Bros. Television

by Natalie Zamora

Although the fates of two major DC superheroes, Superman and Batman, are kind of up in the air right now as far as for their Extended Universes, things are looking up for the franchise, as their exclusive streaming service has just launched. Here's everything you need to know about DC Universe.


With all the different types of streaming services we have today, why is DC Universe so special, and why would someone pay for it if they can find the content elsewhere? Well, this streaming service allows all your favorite DC content to live in one space. Instead of having to search for what you want throughout the internet, you can find it all here. For the die-hard fan, this is perfect.

DC Universe offers an impressive collection of live-action and animated movies, TV shows, documentaries, and comic books. The service also offers exclusive toys you can only get by being a subscriber.


Heath Ledger stars as The Joker in 'The Dark Knight' (2008)
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So, what exact DC content lives on DC Universe? Well, there's a range of content from recent to old-school, such as Batman: The Animated Series, The Dark Knight, Teen Titans, and Constantine. Apart from what's on there now, the service will be debuting the live-action Titans series later this year, along with Swamp Thing and Doom Patrol in 2019. DC is also developing new series for Harley Quinn and Young Justice: Outsiders, exclusively for the service.


​To get all of this exclusive DC content, it must be expensive, right? No, not really. Compared to Netflix, which is $10.99 a month, DC Universe is inexpensive, at a rate of $7.99 monthly or $74.99 annually. It is a bit pricier than Hulu, however, which is $5.99 monthly for the first year, then $7.99 monthly after. Like most streaming services, you can also try a free seven-day trial with DC Universe.


​Are you sold? If so, the sign up process is fairly simple. Head to ​DC Universe, create an account, and choose your plan, either monthly or annually. Either way, you'll get your free seven-day trial to browse around and see for yourself if it's really worth it.