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10 Items You're Not Allowed to Sell on eBay

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You can buy or sell anything on eBay—or so it might seem. But eBay disagrees that everything has a price, and has prohibited certain items from being listed on its site. Here are a few goods eBay thought it was important to point out aren't allowed on "The World's Online Marketplace."

1.Used undergarments

No used jockstraps or thongs allowed. Also of note: "Used articles of clothing marketed or described as well-worn fetish items are strictly prohibited."

2. Bank debit cards

No selling your active debit or credit card. If you really feel like handing over all your money to a stranger, you'll have to hit the ATM first.

3. British titles

Thinking about purchasing a fancy title from a real-life Lord or Lady? Unfortunately, eBay's UK site lists that as a no-no.

4. Human parts

The exceptions: wigs and accessories made from human (scalp) hair, and "clean, articulated … skulls and skeletons used for medical research." That means when you're rich and famous, you'll have to figure out another way to sell your toenail clippings.

5. Pyramid schemes

Also, any sort of multi-level marketing or matrix schemes. 

6. Your Facebook Friendship 


This means you're going to have to make friends the old-fashioned way: By clicking "accept" for free. 

7. Radioactive waste

You have to wonder why eBay feels the need to point this out.

8. Nuclear weapons

Sorry, supervillains—if you're looking to do some late-night online shopping, consider buying that summer handbag you've had your eye on instead.

9. Meth-making manuals

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You'll have to rely on other sites for your "cooking" instructions, as this is deemed an "item that encourages illegal activity".

10. Prescription meds

eBay felt the need to spell this one out, too. Surprisingly, however, this category includes contact lenses. Even non-prescription novelty lenses are banned, which means—alas—Twi-hards and Hot Topic enthusiasts will have to search elsewhere for contacts that make them look like vampires.

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Live Smarter
You Can Now Order Food Through Facebook
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After a bit of controversy over its way of aggregating news feeds and some questionable content censoring policies, it’s nice to have Facebook roll out a feature everyone can agree on: allowing you to order food without leaving the social media site.

According to a press release, Facebook says that the company decided to begin offering food delivery options after realizing that many of its users come to the social media hub to rate and discuss local eateries. Rather than hop from Facebook to the restaurant or a delivery service, you’ll be able to stay within the app and select from a menu of food choices. Just click “Order Food” from the Explore menu on a desktop interface or under the “More” option on Android or iOS devices. There, you’ll be presented with options that will accept takeout or delivery orders, as well as businesses participating with services like or EatStreet.

If you need to sign up and create an account with or Jimmy John’s, for example, you can do that without leaving Facebook. The feature is expected to be available nationally, effective immediately.

[h/t Forbes]

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The Seemingly Simple ‘Math’ Problem That Stumped the Internet
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If you’re a regular Mental Floss reader, you know that we love a good brain teaser. And the one below, which originated on Facebook and has been shared more than 150,000 times, is a great one to test just how sharp you are on a Friday evening at the end of a long workweek.

It’s a seemingly simple enough task: spot the error. Your time starts now…

We’ll give you a minute …

And a little space for you to scroll down to find the answer …









Did you figure it out?

The “mistake” is that the word “mistake” is misspelled on the instruction sheet on the left. If you missed that completely, you’re not alone: the grid of numbers is what immediately grabs your attention.


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