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9 Times Companies Used Puppets to Sell Stuff

Roger Cormier

There has been a lot of backlash with puppets in commercials lately. That wasn't always the case.

10 Words 'The Simpsons' Made Famous

Roger Cormier

For better or worser, 'Simpsons' jokes have changed the way we write and talk.

The Top Rated Super Bowl Commercial Each Year, 1989 to Present

Bryan Dugan

Since 1989, USA Today has asked viewers to vote on the best Super Bowl ads. Here's a look back at the winners.

20 Inside Jokes from Community

Rudie Obias

Tonight, Community returns for its fifth season, with Dan Harmon back on board as showrunner after he was fired in 2012.

11 People Who Almost Played The Doctor

Roma Panganiban

While it’s hard to imagine anyone else in Tom Baker’s striped scarf or David Tennant’s classic Converses, casting decisions could have gone very differently.

12 Canceled Shows That Returned To TV

Rudie Obias

As long as TV networks continue to resurrect beloved shows, there’s a chance for your favorites to return.

20 Hidden Jokes in Arrested Development

Rudie Obias

The short-lived comedy Arrested Development will return May 26 with 15 new episodes on Netflix. Here are jokes from the first three seasons that you might have missed.

15 TV Plot Points That Angered Viewers

Bryan Dugan

Sometimes TV shows take their plotlines too far; sometimes, they don't go far enough. Either way, viewers typically aren't afraid to voice their frustrations.

15 Temporarily Banned Episodes of Popular TV Shows

Kathleen Elise

Over the years, a number of TV series have removed specific episodes from their rerun schedules. Here's why they were deemed so offensive.