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16 Vintage Photos of Labor Day Celebrations

Jill Harness

Happy Labor Day!

Heroes of the D-Day Invasion

Miss Cellania

3 Conflicts Sparked by Food

Matt Soniak

Food fights: They're not just for the middle school cafeteria!

11 Fan Art Tributes to Teddy Roosevelt

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There are hundreds of artists out there with their own tributes to Mr. Roosevelt. Here are a few of our favorites.

11 Famous Mayflower Descendants

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Here are just a few of the famous Americans with Mayflower passengers in their family trees.

A Short History of the Apple

Miss Cellania

10 Strange Facts About Hot Air Balloons

Joy Lanzendorfer

Oddities from the oldest form of human flight.

7 Things Historical Women Wore Under Their Skirts

Therese Oneill

A brief history!

6 Wild Women of the Wild West

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22 Odd Ads From National Geographic Magazine in the 1910s

Lucas Reilly

If you think the products advertised today are dangerous or wacky, check out what National Geographic was peddling in the 1910s.