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The internet is a strange, strange place—and the proof is in the weird fan art dedicated to actor Nicolas Cage. Here are some of our favorites.

13 of the Weirdest Geek Tattoos Ever

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We’ve all seen plenty of geek tattoos before, but every now and again you run across one that really stands out not for its quality, but for its sheer weirdness.

11 Great Salvador Dali Art Mash Ups

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While he never earned his own show (like Da Vinci), or even appeared in an episode of Doctor Who (like Van Gogh), Salvador Dali is undoubtedly one of the greatest artists in history—and he has plenty

15 Crafty Creations Inspired by Breaking Bad

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12 Wonderful Pieces of Jim Henson Fan Art

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In honor of what would have been the creator’s 77th birthday, here are some delightful artworks based on Jim Henson.