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13 Rocking Facts About Hard Rock Café

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What began as an American burger joint in London has become a worldwide collection of tourist destinations.

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9 Strange and Different Easter Treats

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14 Tattoos Dedicated to Snack Foods

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Some people satisfy their snack cravings with sugar, others with sweets—but it takes a special kind of snacker to dedicate a patch of skin to their favorite munchies.

3 Conflicts Sparked by Food

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Food fights: They're not just for the middle school cafeteria!

Ten Neat Things to Do With Apples

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12 Cakes That Look Like Fast Food Specialties

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These cakes look they should be served out of a drive-through window.

15 Delightful Upgrades to Classic Thanksgiving Dishes

GEICO's customer service is delightful, and if you take advantage of these amazing tweaks to holiday standbys, your Thanksgiving dinner will be, too.