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11 Things You Might Not Know About Jack In The Box

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Jack in the Box is the class clown of the fast food industry.

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8 Hot-N-Ready Facts About Little Caesars

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Pizza! Pizza!

14 Hot and Juicy Facts About Nathan’s Famous

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Nathan's Hot Dogs are as American as, well, its hot dog eating contest.

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The People Behind 15 Fast Food Names

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Ever wonder who is behind the names of your favorite fast food joints?

9 Things You Might Not Know about Krystal

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The Tennessee chain where you buy burgers by the sackful has had a devoted following since the '30s.

Real or Fake: The Names Behind 12 Famous Food Brands

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These names are probably all over your kitchen—but did they belong to real people?

13 Rocking Facts About Hard Rock Café

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What began as an American burger joint in London has become a worldwide collection of tourist destinations.

15 Biggie-Size Facts You Might Not Know About Wendy's

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Wendy's is more than just burgers and Frostys.