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Wednesday is New Comics Day

Rich Barrett

Every Wednesday, I highlight the five most exciting comic releases of the week. The list may include comic books, graphic novels, digital comics and webcomics.

12 More Weird Books That Really Exist

Roma Panganiban

We’ve already looked at a few prime examples of bizarre books on every subject from dating on a dollar budget to styling it up like Liberace, but the strangeness doesn’t stop there.

11 Weird Books That Really Exist

Roma Panganiban

AbeBooks collects the best and strangest titles in its Weird Book Room. Here are some of our favorites.

7 Bizarre Re-Imaginings of Pride and Prejudice

The Week

200 years to the day after Austen first published the classic novel, let's take a look at the pervasive trend of "Pride and Prejudice variation" — a name for any story that takes Austen

6 Cautionary Tales That Terrified Kids of Yesteryear

Erin McCarthy

Writers used to instill good manners through strange, scary cautionary tales.