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Why Our Calendars Skipped 11 Days in 1752

Chris Stokel-Walker

Six and a half million Britons went to bed on September 2, 1752, and woke up on September 14. The reason? The Calendar (New Style) Act of 1750, of course.

When John Adams Predicted the Wrong Independence Day

Erik van Rheenen

When John Adams penned a letter to future First Lady Abigail Adams on July 3, 1776, he guessed how future generations of Americans would celebrate Independence Day with remarkable accuracy.

The West Edmonton Mall is the Largest Mall in North America

Sean Hutchinson

The West Edmonton Mall is the biggest shopping center in North America, and formerly the biggest mall in the world.

The Mystery of Ann Bassett and Etta Place

Miss Cellania

An Illustrated History of the Gas Mask

Jill Harness

Rare Full Color Photos From World War II

Jill Harness

Life magazine recently released a gallery of the VIII Bomber Command soldiers working on their planes, many of which were never published up until now.

By Land and Sea: The History of Amphibious Vehicles

Arallyn Primm

A Drive Around London in 1926

Bryan Dugan

In 1926, British-born filmmaker Claude Friese-Greene filmed the streets of London in breathtaking color.

The Historical Horror of Childbirth

Miss Cellania

Vintage Photos of Female Sword Swallowers

Jill Harness