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Groundhog Day Explained

Chris Higgins

The Self-Fulfilling Delusion of Acting like a Superhero

The Week

A new study shows that having people fly like Superman in a virtual-reality simulator makes them act more heroic in real life.

The Muppets Return "Again!" to Theaters in 2014

Chris Higgins

From Ant to City and Beyond: A History of All Things Sim

Rob Lammle

With a new SimCity coming soon, let's look back at the Sim franchise.

How Criterion Restored Alfred Hitchcock's <em>The Man Who Knew Too Much</em>

Erin McCarthy

"Baltass," the Ultimate Cups-and-Balls Illusion

Chris Higgins

Yann Frisch is a French sleight-of-hand artist best known for a routine called <a href="">Baltass</a> (a portmanteaux of the French words for &

The Greatest Dance Number Ever Filmed

Chris Higgins

The Magic of David Copperfield, 1978

Chris Higgins

In 1978, David Copperfield burst onto the scene with an impressively corny-but-endearing TV special shot for CBS.

Revealed: The Alternate Ending of Stanley Kubrick's The Shining

Erin McCarthy

The version of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining that most of us have seen ends with two iconic images: Jack Torrance frozen in the snow, and a long shot through the lobby of the Overlook Hotel to a photo

Super Mario Bros. in 5 Minutes

Chris Higgins

In late 2011, Andrew Gardikis set a record for a "speed run" on <em>Super Mario Bros.</em> -- this means he played through the entire game as quickly as possible (yes, he used th