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How Criterion Restored Alfred Hitchcock's <em>The Man Who Knew Too Much</em>

Erin McCarthy

"Baltass," the Ultimate Cups-and-Balls Illusion

Chris Higgins

Yann Frisch is a French sleight-of-hand artist best known for a routine called <a href="">Baltass</a> (a portmanteaux of the French words for &

The Greatest Dance Number Ever Filmed

Chris Higgins

The Magic of David Copperfield, 1978

Chris Higgins

In 1978, David Copperfield burst onto the scene with an impressively corny-but-endearing TV special shot for CBS.

Revealed: The Alternate Ending of Stanley Kubrick's The Shining

Erin McCarthy

The version of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining that most of us have seen ends with two iconic images: Jack Torrance frozen in the snow, and a long shot through the lobby of the Overlook Hotel to a photo

Super Mario Bros. in 5 Minutes

Chris Higgins

In late 2011, Andrew Gardikis set a record for a "speed run" on <em>Super Mario Bros.</em> -- this means he played through the entire game as quickly as possible (yes, he used th

The Late Movies: 6 Stirring Speeches From America's Best Fictional Presidents

Erica Palan

The History of "Heart and Soul"

Kara Kovalchik

U2 and MLK

Chris Higgins

12 Early Short Films By Famous Hollywood Directors

The Week