Article, Popular Culture

Hyperrealistic Graffiti

Jill Harness

Say what you will about the legal status of graffiti or how it affects property values, but don't say it isn't art.

Disney Resorts Then and Now

Jill Harness

The world has changed a lot since Disneyland was originally opened in 1955, but the park itself may just exist in a magical bubble where time is only limited by the imagination.

International Internet Memes

Miss Cellania

Bringing Science Fiction to Mardi Gras

Miss Cellania

What 1967 Thought 2001 Would Look Like

Chris Higgins

A Guided Tour of Animaniacs: Volume 4 with Rob Paulsen and Tom Ruegger

Scott Neumyer

We sat down with Tom Ruegger and Rob Paulsen to get all the behind-the-scenes details about the show’s final episodes.

Groundhog Day Explained

Chris Higgins

The Self-Fulfilling Delusion of Acting like a Superhero

The Week

A new study shows that having people fly like Superman in a virtual-reality simulator makes them act more heroic in real life.

The Muppets Return "Again!" to Theaters in 2014

Chris Higgins

From Ant to City and Beyond: A History of All Things Sim

Rob Lammle

With a new SimCity coming soon, let's look back at the Sim franchise.