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Pod City: This Week's Most Interesting Podcasts

Whitney Matheson

Every Friday, Whitney Matheson will be rounding up some interesting podcasts from the week.

The Story Behind that Richard Nixon-RoboCop Photo

Brian Abrams

The photo is real, but digging up its historical background was more than a doozy.

10 Downright Dangerous Disney Princesses

Miss Cellania

Star Wars Bloopers

Chris Higgins

Miscellaneous mishaps and oddities from all six films.

11 OTHER March Madness Tournaments

Miss Cellania

All the Doctors Seen in 10 Completely Different Ways

Miss Cellania

The 2014 Academy Awards Meme Roundup

Miss Cellania

Video Game Urban Legends

Jill Harness

Finding Oz in the USA

Miss Cellania

Hyperrealistic Graffiti

Jill Harness

Say what you will about the legal status of graffiti or how it affects property values, but don't say it isn't art.