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"Parapsychologist" Finds Mental Disorders in the Dead

Matt Soniak

This is a little hard to report with a straight face, but it seems that some of the dead can’t rest in peace.

Ants Shape Their Bodies to the Jobs They Do

Matt Soniak

For ants and other social insects, form and function have strong ties.

The Mystery of the Sloth Poop

Matt Soniak

Three-toed sloths are just that: three-toed, and slothful.

This Caterpillar’s Stink Breath Keeps the Spiders Away

Matt Soniak

Bad breath usually won’t win you many friends, but at least it will keep your enemies at arm’s length, too.

8 DNA Sculptures from Around the World

Miss Cellania

Meet the World’s Only Known Venomous Crustacean

Matt Soniak

There are some 70,000 species of crustacean—the group that includes crabs, lobsters, shrimp and crayfish—in the world, and until very recently, none of them were known to be venomous.

These Ants Use Mercenaries to Fight for Them

Matt Soniak

In the jungles of Panama, a group of farmers ekes out a living by raising fungi for food.

Why Won’t These Bugs Cross This Line?

Matt Soniak

At this invisible line, two related species of millipedes meet, but don’t mix—and no one knows why.

Zombies, Fire Drills, and Bad Decision-Making

Matt Soniak

Imagine that the dead have risen from their graves. They’ve gotten into a building you’re hiding out in. You slink down the hallway and enter what you think is a safe room.

Meet the Vampire Spider

Matt Soniak