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Meteorologists Are Studying Every Song About the Weather Ever

Shaunacy Ferro

A group of UK climate researchers spent their free time compiling data on how musicians talk about the weather.

Most Mountains Aren’t Shaped Like You Think They Are

Matt Soniak

If we asked you to picture a mountain, you’d probably imagine something that kind of looks like a pyramid, right? But it turns out mountains are a lot more varied than we knew.

How a Lying Plant Steals from a Thieving Fly

Matt Soniak

The smearwort (Aristolochia rotunda) dupes fruit flies into entering its flowers and then traps them there, getting pollinated without offering any reward.

Zurich Students Create a Wheelchair That Can Climb Stairs

Yelena Melnichenko

For Birds,It Pays to Follow the Monkey

Matt Soniak

Wherever the uakaris went, they saw, an assortment of birds followed them.

Hoverboards Are Finally Here!

Yelena Melnichenko

Lovers of 'Back to the Future' are about to get really excited.

A New Vaccine for Chlamydia Is in the Works

Shaunacy Ferro

A successful vaccination for one of the most common sexually transmitted infections has long eluded scientists. Now, they may have figured out a way to get the treatment to stick.

Baboons Are Democratic Travel Partners, Study Finds

Shaunacy Ferro

When deciding where to travel, baboons go with what the group thinks is best.

Where Does Space Begin?

the mag

If 'Star Trek' has taught us anything, it's that space is "the final frontier." But where exactly does that frontier lie? It depends on whom you ask.

Cache of 43 Dinosaur Eggs Uncovered in China

Caitlin Schneider