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An Ancient Elephant May Have Been Biggest Land Mammal Ever

Mark Mancini

The elephant was a 24-ton colossus, 16 feet tall at the shoulder.

Neurotic People May Be More Likely to See Faces in Objects

Jen Pinkowski

If you see faces in random objects, you may be kind of neurotic.

A Parasite in Bishop’s Clothing: Some Cuckoos Mimic Innocent Birds to Sneak into Nests

Matt Soniak

What Scientists Have Discovered About Pluto (So Far)

David W Brown

Some initial conclusions about Pluto and Charon, its largest moon.

Being Off-Balance Can Affect How You See Your Relationship

Shaunacy Ferro

In a study, people in unsteady physical circumstances viewed their romantic relationships as less stable.

The First Close-Up Image of Pluto Is Here

Jen Pinkowski

11,000-foot-tall mountains made of ice. And that's just the beginning.

How Do Pregnancy Tests Work?

Yelena Melnichenko

This entertaining video explains the history of, and the science behind, these all-important plastic indicators.

Why You Reach for Sweets When You’re Sad

Shaunacy Ferro

Emotions change how we taste food, according to researchers.

Birds that Sleep In Get Stuck Raising Others’ Kids

Matt Soniak

Besides catching the proverbial worm, there’s another good reason for birds to get up and going early in the morning: Sleeping in can give their mates an opportunity to step out on them, leaving them

This 6-Minute Cartoon Explains Why Bees Are Dying Off

Yelena Melnichenko

And what that means for the world's food supply.