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How 'Rocky' Turned the Common Man Into a Hero, and Sylvester Stallone Into a Star

Jake Rossen the mag

When Sylvester Stallone was told there were no parts for him, he wrote his own.

15 Things You Might Not Know About 'Fight Club'

Roger Cormier

When Fight Club came out on October 15, 1999, it received mixed reviews and was initially seen as a financial disappointment.

16 Things You Might Not Know About 'The Terminator'

Roger Cormier

The low budget movie from a Roger Corman disciple that became a huge movie franchise.

The Story Behind That Richard Nixon-RoboCop Photo

Brian Abrams

The photo is real, but digging up its historical background was more than a doozy.

The Ongoing Mystery of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Actual Height

Janet Burns

Hasta la vista, shorty!

11 Pivotal Technology Plot Points in 'The Net'—20 Years Later

Jake Rossen

The 1995 Sandra Bullock film predicted we'd all be using high-speed Internet to get pizza. And kill things.

What Forrest Gump Said at the Vietnam Protest March

Jennifer M Wood

Ever wonder what it was that Forrest Gump said when his mic was unplugged at the anti-Vietnam War protest? Well, wonder no more ...

The Fifth Marx Brother

Miss Cellania

Watch Wes Anderson Discuss His Influences and 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'

Hannah Keyser

The Thanksgiving Film Festival

Miss Cellania