Name the NBA's Last 24 #1 Picks

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In anticipation of Thursday's NBA Draft, let's see how well you remember the top picks of 1989-2012.

It Curves! A Brief History of Wiffle Ball

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As the weather heats up, the Wiffle Ball season is once again upon us.

Why Do Athletes Slap Each Others’ Butts?

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Light taps to the rear-end are pretty common on the football field. Why do athletes do that?

22 Things You Might Not Know About the Stanley Cup

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Tonight, the Boston Bruins and the Chicago Blackhawks begin their battle for the Cup. Here are some interesting facts and crazy stories about the trophy.

10 Lost or Forgotten Sports Trophies

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Sport's most storied trophy, the Stanley Cup, has seen its fair share of abuse—but even so, it's well ahead of these other major league trophies.

42 Facts About Jackie Robinson

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In 1947, Robinson broke the baseball color line and became the first African American to play on a major sports team. Here are 42 facts to celebrate.

11 Weird Minor League Baseball Team Names

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Minor League baseball has been an American staple for over a century. Among the roughly 245 Minor League teams scattered across the nation, some have acquired some rather unusual names.

The Longest Baseball Game Ever Played

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Major League Baseball’s opening day, March 31, is approaching fast—but it’s the oft-overlooked minor leagues which witnessed one of the most improbable and historical games of all time.

Where Is That Tournament-Bound School?

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Now that the 2013 NCAA Tournament field is set, let’s see if you know where these 11 tourney-bound schools are located.

15 Historical Brother vs. Brother Matchups

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For as long as there have been brothers, brothers have been battling each other. In honor of the Harbowl, here's our incomplete guide to sibling rivalries.