The "Disgrace of Gijón": The Most Controversial Match In World Cup History

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It's the reason all final group games are played simultaneously.

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In the pantheon of all-time sporting biters, Luis Suarez may be the king. Here are 12 other examples to chew on.

The Strangest Soccer Match Ever Played

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For some inexplicable reason, Shell Caribbean Cup organizers decided that extra time goals would be worth two goals in 1994.

The Barnum of Baseball

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From 1960 to 1980, the Athletics were owned by an eccentric self-made millionaire with no shortage of big, bad, amusing ideas. Mule ride, anyone?

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How Do Soccer Referees Determine Stoppage Time?

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Toward the end of each half of a soccer match, the fourth official on the sideline hoists an illuminated sign over his or her head that displays a number.

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The Spurs are your NBA champions. Who's that guy whose name is on the trophy?

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