Who's on first?

David K. Israel

In honor of the MLB playoffs, which started yesterday, I thought I'd "throw out" a few quirky factoids that make the game our true "American Pastime." Of the four major sp

Superdome Lives

Jason English

The Louisiana Superdome reopens tonight, a year after the stadium, the city and its people were ravaged by Hurricane Katrina.

1 of 2 Japanese things to look forward to

Mangesh Hattikudur

I read two exciting things in this month's terrific Esquire, and surprisingly enough they were both penned by mental_floss contributor Doug Cantor.

Advantage: Queens

David K. Israel

One of the things I miss about living in NYC is the ability to take the 7 train out to sporting events in Queens. No car, no traffic, no parking woes getting in and out.

Dear Mr. Fantasy (P.S.)

Jason English

We talked last week about alternative fantasy leagues. Over the weekend, my friend Mario and my dad each pointed out ones I missed. Can you predict celebrity breeding habits? Spot a chin lift?

Dear Mr. Fantasy

Jason English

Tonight is my fantasy football draft.

Fever Pitching

David K. Israel

Last week was an historic one for cricket enthusiasts around the world (I happen to be one of the three, by the way), as we discovered that a team can forfeit a game by sulking. According to a fasc

Moving car, no driver, what could go wrong?


Apparently what all the kids are doing now is ghostriding. I am stunned that no one entered this in our stupid-sports

Signs of the apocalypse, #2

Jason English

"An incident involving a player swearing and a coach slapping the player has resulted in reprimands, apologies and a five-second delay for broadcasts of the Little League World

Are you ready for some jail time?


What is in the water in Cincinnati, other than boats driven by allegedy drunk football players?