The NFL and next week's elections

Jason English

+Lynn Swann, former Steeler and owner of four Super Bowl rings, is running for Governor of Pennsylvania against political powerhouse and Democratic incumbent Ed Rendell. Swann is a long

Only major league player to pitch a no-hitter while tripping on acid

Will Pearson

Dock Ellis was a pretty eccentric baseball player, which befits a man who now claims he never played a major league game sober.

Extreme Yo-Yo-ing

David K. Israel

Our friends over at are into Yo-Yos (and no, I don't mean of the cello-playing variety).

Other Great Moments in Baseball History

Jason English

During game two of the World Series, FOX cameras noticed a suspicious substance on Detroit pitcher Kenny Rogers' left hand. Rogers cleaned up between innings.

Teacher Appreciation Week: NFL Edition

Jason English

"Socrates taught Plato, Plato taught Aristotle, Aristotle taught Alexander the Great"¦" That's how Mary kicked off mental_floss Teacher Appreciation Week. A logical follow-up p

"Iron" Mike ready to fight women?

Mangesh Hattikudur

Despite years of perfecting my Nintendo jabs and uppercuts on Mike Tyson's Punchout!, I never made it to the level where you get to box a woman.

Baseball and the first unique prime number: 3

David K. Israel

As the baseball postseason swings ever closer to the World Series (fyi: the Fall Classic begins this coming Saturday), I thought I'd get us all in the mood by looking at some curious connections

The Early Favorites in '07

Jason English

I can't tell you who's going to win this year's World Series.

Who's on first?

David K. Israel

In honor of the MLB playoffs, which started yesterday, I thought I'd "throw out" a few quirky factoids that make the game our true "American Pastime." Of the four major sp

Superdome Lives

Jason English

The Louisiana Superdome reopens tonight, a year after the stadium, the city and its people were ravaged by Hurricane Katrina.