7 of History's Most Terrifying Sports Riots

Ethan Trex

Spectator sports have a singular capacity to bring together disparate groups of people towards the common goal of cheering for a favorite team.

Five Sports That Should Become Popular in America (and how it can happen)

Jason Plautz

It's no secret that the sports universe in America is pretty sheltered- we've got football, baseball, basketball and a bunch of other miscellaneous ones.

8 Thoroughly Misleading Baseball Team Names

Mangesh & Jason

by Bob Carson The Red Sox spent 86 years overcoming an alleged curse. Sammy Sosa somehow got the impression that he needed corked bats to amp up his already terrific game.

Signs your HGH injections might be fake

Jason Plautz

From Paul Byrd and Rick Ankiel to the upcoming Mitchell Report, accusations of HGH are flying around baseball.

50 Reasons to Subscribe to mental_floss (#47, How to be a Superhero revealed!)

the mag

With the holidays just a few months away, we're sifting through 6 years of print archives and give you a smattering of the best of the _floss. If you dig what you see, subscribe here.

All Knotted Up: Culture's Great Tiebreakers

Jason Plautz

The Tiebreaker Heard 'Round the

Those hard-to-resist-Svengalis: Bela Karolyi


That Bela--alternately so jovial, so brutish! The image of Karolyi hoisting Kerri Strug to the champion's podium is one of the most ubiquitous images of the 1996 Olympics.

In the Beginning: The Countdown Begins!

Mangesh Hattikudur

With just 15 Days till our new In the Beginning book comes out, we figured we'd start excerpting bits from it.

How Climate Change is Messing with Sports

Jason Plautz

We've all heard about the dangers of global warming and climate change.

Just what did ever happen to baseball #756?

David K. Israel

As of course you've heard by now, this summer Barry Bonds broke the all-time homerun record set by Henry Aaron and held since 1976. The 756th homerun came on August 7th, 2007.