10 Tragic Athlete Deaths

Andréa Fernandes

[Image courtesy of] Saturday's Kentucky Derby was marred by tragedy, as runner-up Eight Belles had to be euthanized on the track after breaking both front ankles.

4 Star Football Players Who Became Famous for Other Sports

David K. Israel

1. In the early 1990s, current Denver Nuggets NBA star Allen Iverson played myriad positions for Bethel High School's football team in Hampton, Virginia.

7 Famous Athletes Who Now Sell Food

Ethan Trex

Any old professional athlete can toss in a few hundred thousand dollars and become a partner in a restaurant bearing his name. But for some jocks, that's not enough.

Things Nobody Told Me: Brooklyn's Bizarre Team Names

Mangesh Hattikudur

This is an old idea I'm still trying out where I talk about something trivial I just learned about and then act outraged about how nobody told me.

Alternative March Madnesses: 9 Tourneys TV Isn't Covering

Ethan Trex

After the first week of the NCAA basketball tournament, only sixteen teams still have a shot at the title. Your bracket is probably in disarray.

When Nuns Meet Sports

College Weekend

When Nuns Meet Sports by Jason Plautz Athletes are rarely shy about their religion, whether they're dedicating their MVP award to God or crossing themselves before stepping to the plate.

5 Winter Sports The Olympics Are Missing

Ethan Trex

Winter sports fall into three convenient categories: Hockey, Things That Claim to Not Be Hockey But Aren't Fooling Anyone (bandy, ringette, broomball, etc.) and Things That are Not Hockey.

Behind the Mascot: 8 Great Stories About Strangely Named Teams

Ethan Trex

Your favorite sports team or alma mater's mascot is probably some sort of big cat or bird of prey, and that's fine. Your tattoo is right; the Tigers totally rule.

Four Ways Technology is Changing Sports Officiating

Jason Plautz


8 Famous (Or Infamous) Fans Who Stood Out From The Crowd

Jason English

Some of these not-so-secret admirers could sell their own jerseys in stadium stores. Some should be locked up. (And one is.)