11 Ivy League-Educated Major League Baseball Players

Scott Allen

Baseball has often been described as the thinking man's game. Yogi Berra once said that America's national pastime was 90 percent mental, and the other half physical.

8 Players Banned From Baseball Not Named Pete Rose

Ethan Trex

Alex Rodriguez's recent confession that he used steroids while with the Texas Rangers is being mentioned as one of baseball's biggest scandals ever.

The Long & Winding Road to SB XLIII

This Sunday, many of us will be glued to the television to enjoy the most important pro football game of the year.

Let's Make a Deal: 6 of Baseball's Strangest Trades

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Now that the World Series is over, baseball's offseason has officially begun. There are plenty of high-power free agents, but the real drama is on the trade market.

5 Curious Coincidences Between the Phillies' World Series Wins

David K. Israel

When my father and I stood in the right field nosebleed seats at the old Vet Stadium in 1980, watching closer Tug McGraw strike out the Royals' Willie Wilson to capture the Phillies first and, un

The Knuckleball

David K. Israel

To continue on with yesterday's baseball pitches theme, today I thought we'd look at the knuckleball, which was on display last night as Boston's famous knuckleball pitcher, Tim Wakefie

7 Famous Baseball Pitches (and some physics behind them)

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If you haven't noticed, it's October, and that means Major League Baseball playoffs are upon us.

7 Unsung Events That Deserve Your Attention

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Football season is cranking up, and playoff baseball is on the horizon.

10 Other Amazing Buildings by 2008's Olympic Architects

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If you have any interest in the Olympics, you've certainly seen Beijing's "Bird's Nest" and "Water Cube." But who are the geniuses behind them?

6 Reasons Today's Olympic Swimmers are Breaking so many World Records

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For some reason every swim event in this Olympics is a record smasher. And it isn't just Michael Phelps who's seconds ahead of that daunting green world record line.