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10 Other Amazing Buildings by 2008's Olympic Architects

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If you have any interest in the Olympics, you've certainly seen Beijing's "Bird's Nest" and "Water Cube." But who are the geniuses behind them?

6 Reasons Today's Olympic Swimmers are Breaking so many World Records

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For some reason every swim event in this Olympics is a record smasher. And it isn't just Michael Phelps who's seconds ahead of that daunting green world record line.

The Quick 10: 10 Incidents (Other Than Boycotts) That Shook the Olympics

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Boycotts have caused controversy at the Olympic games in 1976, 1980, and 1984, and pressure was put on the United States and other nations to lead a boycott of the current games because of China'

Documentaries I Like: "Hoop Dreams"

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"Hoop Dreams" is a landmark American documentary, released in 1994 to broad acclaim at Sundance.

12 Golf Course Perils

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I've always hated golf. I think it has something to do with the compulsory lessons of my youth and the uncomfortable shoes.

Boycotting and Banning: The Real Olympic Sports

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"If this is an Olympic year, it must be time for a boycott," Tony Kornheiser wrote in the New York Times in 1976.

2008 Olympic Uniforms: Designed for Performance

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The difference between winning and not winning in some Olympic events can come down to a thousandth of a second. With so much at stake, no detail can be overlooked.

2008 Olympic Team Uniforms

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Athletes traveling to Beijing for the Olympics next month will be equipped with uniforms for every occasion.