A Guide to Scoring Figure Skating at the Olympics

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Have you been watching the figure skating competition at the Olympics and wondering what the heck is going on? Why isn't anyone getting 6.0 scores any more?

Why Do Speed Skaters Use Such Weird Ice Skates?

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8 Winter Olympics Demo Sports

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The Olympics have long made both room and time to include “demonstration sports” during their run. These sports are played for promotional purposes and some eventually become official Olympic events.

4 Curling Controversies

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For anyone who has ever accused curling of not being a real sport, take a look at the controversies that the curlers' competitiveness breeds.

A Brief History of The Olympics, According to 13 Wheaties Boxes

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Little Mikey may not like it, but Wheaties has got game

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12 Events That Will Debut at This Year's Winter Olympic Games

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No Thanks: Why Denver Turned Down the 1976 Olympics

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What could be cooler than spending two weeks as the center of the world's attention? If you lived in Denver in the 1970s, your answer would have been "all kinds of things."

What Happens to the Losing Team's Championship Shirts?

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Manufacturers and retailers produce and stock two sets of t-shirts, hats and other merchandise, declaring each team the champ. Who gets the losing team's stuff?