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Unwind With These 7 Quirky Crochet Projects
Let the crochet lovers of the internet help you try some of these projects.... READ ON
9 Knitting Projects to Tackle This Winter
Staying cozy has never been so fun.... READ ON
Mom Crochets Son an E.T.-Inspired Onesie for Halloween
The entire project took Stephanie Pokorny four days, and she didn’t use a pattern.... READ ON
See the BBC's Vintage Instructions for Knitting the Perfect Doctor Who Scarf
In the '80s, fans who wanted a Doctor Who scarf couldn't order one online. They had to make it.... READ ON
Illusion Knitting Turns Angles and Stitches Into Hidden Art
Seen close-up and head-on, an illusion-knitted wall hanging might look like a mundane collection of stripes gently snagged by cat claws.... READ ON
Spanish Designer Transforms Old-Fashioned Embroidery Into Modern Art
Amid a sea of concrete buildings, Raquel Rodrigo’s rosettes stand out.... READ ON
6 Math Concepts Explained by Knitting and Crochet
Knit 1, chain 2, master hyperbolic planes.... READ ON
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10 Impressive Yarnbombing Projects
Yarnbombers make the world cozy and colorful, one tree, tank, or bench at a time.... READ ON
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10 Charities Looking for Yarn Crafters
Put your knitting and crocheting skills to work for those in need.... READ ON
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9 More Charities Looking for Yarn Crafters
Miss Cellania
7 Charities Looking for Yarn Crafters
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8 Wonderfully Creative Crochet Projects
Miss Cellania
10 Creative and Clever Crochet Crafts
9 Crazy, Creepy, and Creative Knit Projects
Maybe you can knit a scarf or a sweater. If so, imagination is the only thing standing between you and these delightfully odd creations. Well, time may be another factor. But isn't it wonderful that some folks have the time, skills, and imagination to create these daringly different knitted works?1.... READ ON
10 Crocheted Science Fiction Figures
You wouldn't have known it before the age of the internet, but yarn crafts can be very geeky. Knitting and crocheting are examples of digital art, so to speak, as the patterns are strings of information rendered in bits. Some craftsters are science fiction fans as well, which gives us some great crochet projects to enjoy!1. Mr.... READ ON
10 Cute and Creepy Crochet Creations
People all over the web are making amazing things with one hook and some yarn. If your idea of crochet is the afghan throw your great aunt made years ago, you are in for a treat! Amigurumi is the art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed characters of all kinds -and there is a vast array of those characters in craft forums, blogs, photo sites, and of course, Etsy. With so many online, I chose to focus on the more bizarre, offbeat, and downright creepy (but still cute) crocheted characters for this post.... READ ON

Amelia Earhart and Eleanor Roosevelt once sneaked out of a White House event, commandeered an airplane, and went on a joyride to Baltimore.

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