world war two
Researchers Rebuild Old Tech to Play Lost Recordings of Holocaust Survivors
The interviews were recorded at a refugee camp in France in 1946. This is the first time they've been heard in more than 70 years.... READ ON
How Did the Nazis Find Out About Anne Frank’s Family? There's a New Theory
The family may have been discovered in the course of an unrelated investigation.... READ ON
Stones, Bones & Wrecks
Watch a Live Stream of Sunken Pearl Harbor Subs for the 75th Anniversary
On the morning of December 7, NOAA will live stream a piece of history.... READ ON
Sift Through Eight Decades of CIA Maps
The spy agency's cartography center just released a formerly classified selection of intelligence maps dating back to the 1940s.... READ ON
Tune In This Weekend: HISTORY Commemorates Pearl Harbor Attack
This weekend, HISTORY honors the veterans of Pearl Harbor with a series of documentaries.... READ ON
Watch 'The Forger,' About A Teen WWII Hero
"If I slept for one hour, 30 people would die." -Adolfo Kaminsky... READ ON
Relax With a Video Visit to Kew Gardens (in 1942)
From the future cinematographer of "2001: A Space Odyssey."... READ ON
Operation Cone of Power: When British Witches Attacked Adolf Hitler
Some say that in 1940, a secretive coven used a ritual to keep Hitler out of the UK.... READ ON
Bear Discovered Playing With Unexploded World War II Weapon
As if their teeth and claws weren't enough.... READ ON
How the Mona Lisa Escaped Destruction During World War II
The rescue required a dedicated team, some crafty moves, and an ambulance with a stretcher.... READ ON
Chakka-Chhh: The Hidden History of View-Master
William Gruber made one of the definitive toys of the 20th century. He also thought Hitler was a pretty solid guy.... READ ON
Trebitsch Lincoln, the Nazis' Would-Be Supernatural Weapon
The "Olympian of Scoundrelism” told the Nazis he had the occult secrets required to rule the world.... READ ON
The Lucky City That Escaped Nagasaki’s A-Bomb
Kokura was the original target, but avoiding devastation may have been more than just random luck.... READ ON
12 World War II Diaries You Can Read
Many important diaries kept by political leaders and ordinary people during World War II have been digitized or otherwise preserved.... READ ON
The German Teens Who Rebelled Against Hitler
Allied forces had a secret ally: German teen gangs that resisted Hitler's messages, sabotaged their military, and embraced American culture.... READ ON
The Jewish Psychic Who Tricked Hitler
Erik Jan Hanussen hosted extravagant Nazi parties, loaned them money, and consulted with Hitler. Then they found out he was Jewish.... READ ON

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