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Astro, an AI Email App, Is Here to Help You Finally Clean Out Your Inbox
Your unread messages become a little less daunting when you have a bot to guide you through them.... READ ON
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7 Expert-Approved Ways to Write a Better To-Do List
It's time to ditch the old-school format.... READ ON
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How One Writer Packed Her Bags and Took Off for a Year as a Digital Nomad
Writer Zoe Weiner will spend the next year traveling—and working—abroad.... READ ON
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12 Off-the-Wall Job Interview Questions and What They Mean
Why does an employer want to know why you'd want to fight a horse-sized duck?... READ ON
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9 Signs You've Been in Your Job for Too Long
Don't waste any more time in a boring, draining, or dead-end position.... READ ON
Study Finds Women in Academia Do More Unpaid "Service" Work
This phenomenon is not unique to academia, but can be seen across many major career fields, from finance to medicine.... READ ON
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How to Nail Your Elevator Pitch in 6 Steps
You have less than a minute to make a lasting impression—what should you say?... READ ON
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Want Something? Asking in Person Is 34 Times More Effective Than Email
Sometimes it's worth it to leave your desk and talk face-to-face.... READ ON
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Viewing Your Job as Your "Calling" Can Lead to Letdown and Burnout
Putting too much pressure on your ability to change the world at work can lead you to quit your industry altogether.... READ ON
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How to Answer 4 Tricky Job Interview Questions
Only an interview separates you and your dream job. But to get there, you have to navigate through a minefield of tricky questions.... READ ON
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Want to Become a Doctor? Here are the Specialties That Earn the Most Money
Financially speaking, orthopedists are getting the most out of their medical degrees.... READ ON
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This Chatbot Will Help You Ask for a Raise (And Get It)
There's no reason to avoid asking for that raise. Cindy Gallop's Facebook chatbot will help you through the process.... READ ON
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What an Interview Coach Can Teach You About Landing Your Dream Job
Practice, practice, practice. And never say you're a perfectionist.... READ ON
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15 of the Best Cities for Women in Tech
Silicon Valley isn't quite there yet.... READ ON
Cool Job Alert: American Girl Is Hiring a Historian
The company is looking for a researcher to verify the historical accuracy of its products.... READ ON
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A Basic Guide to Proper Email Etiquette
Skip these common courtesies, and you may appear unprofessional, sloppy, or just plain rude.... READ ON

In the classic movie-musical The Wizard of Oz, the many-hued Horse of a Different Color that leads Dorothy and gang through the Emerald City could not actually be painted. Instead, animal rights activists advocated that the white horse be sponged

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