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15 of the Best Cities for Women in Tech
Silicon Valley isn't quite there yet.... READ ON
Cool Job Alert: American Girl Is Hiring a Historian
The company is looking for a researcher to verify the historical accuracy of its products.... READ ON
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A Basic Guide to Proper Email Etiquette
Skip these common courtesies, and you may appear unprofessional, sloppy, or just plain rude.... READ ON
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Iceland to Become First Nation to Require Proof of Equal Pay for Equal Work
A new law aims to promote fair wages regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or nationality.... READ ON
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Postcoital Cheer May Pump Up Satisfaction at Work
Survey respondents reported more enjoyment of and engagement with their jobs the day after they’d had sex.... READ ON
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Millennials Aren’t Job-Hopping—And It’s Costing Them
Despite the myth, millennial employees are loyal to a fault.... READ ON
UK Brewery Offers Employees 'Paw-ternity' Leave for New Puppy Owners
Helping a new canine family member adjust to life at home can be tough, so one Scottish brewery is giving its employees time off to hang with their puppies.... READ ON
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5 Research-Backed Tips for Successful Negotiations
Negotiation isn't a battle, it's a joint problem-solving session.... READ ON
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A UN Study Shows That Telecommuting Can Increase Stress Levels
It's hard to avoid blurring the lines between work and personal time.... READ ON
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You Can Use Facebook to Find—and Apply for—Your Next Job
Companies can now post job openings on the social network.... READ ON
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8 Tips for Speaking Persuasively and Getting What You Want
The average audience will only listen for 1.5 minutes. This is how to grab and keep their attention.... READ ON
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13 Habits You Should Steal From Successful Business Figures
Take some inspiration from famous figures from Ben Franklin to Elon Musk.... READ ON
New IKEA Rugs Will Be Made Entirely by Syrian Refugees
The Swedish furniture giant is partnering with women's organizations in Jordan to provide refugees with work.... READ ON
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Inflexible Schedules Can Keep Women From Working—This Job Site Aims to Change That
Werk only lists positions with pre-negotiated flexibility.... READ ON
You Could Get Paid to Eat Cadbury Chocolate
Cadbury's parent company is looking for a UK-based taste tester.... READ ON
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5 Ways Doing Improv Can Help Your Professional Life
Learn to listen, take risks, and cooperate on the stage and in the office.... READ ON

George Washington preferred not to shake the hands of visitors. He would bow instead.

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