Women in Politics
5 Very Early Stories About American Women and Voting
During colonial times and in the earliest days of the U.S., a small number of women managed to vote despite circumstances stacked against them.... READ ON
Lady Deborah Moody, the Dangerous Woman Who Started a Colonial Town
Sometimes being dangerous is a good thing.... READ ON
9 Facts About Jeannette Rankin, the First Woman Elected to Congress
“I felt the first time the first woman had a chance to say no to war, she should say it.”... READ ON
11 Forgotten but Important Moments in Women's History
America's first female mayor may have been nominated as a prank, but her win paved the way for other women to hold office.... READ ON
Why Women Couldn’t Wear Pants on the Senate Floor Until 1993
Two political pioneers staged a "Pantsuit Revolution."... READ ON
9 Timeless Bits of Wisdom from Eleanor Roosevelt
The former first lady offers readers counsel on careers, happiness, health, parenting, and more.... READ ON
9 Facts You Should Know About Maggie Hassan
Advocating for a son with cerebral palsy helped propel her into government work.... READ ON
9 Things You Might Not Know About Catherine Cortez Masto
As a tourism official, her father green-lighted the Las Vegas slogan “What happens here stays here.”... READ ON
13 Trailblazing Facts About Kamala Harris
Being a pioneer is nothing new for Kamala Harris.... READ ON
16 Things You Might Not Know About Tammy Duckworth
She has an impressive history of overcoming adversity with grit and humor.... READ ON

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