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The Town of Tiller, Oregon Is on the Market for $3.5 Million
The deal includes six houses, a now-defunct gas station/general store, and industrial and commercial lots.... READ ON
English Palace Identifies Marble Garden Planter as Roman Sarcophagus
The artifact is believed to date back to the 2nd century CE.... READ ON
Mayonnaise Cafes Are Now a Thing
A pair of pop-up restaurants is paying tribute to the divisive condiment.... READ ON
99-Year-Old Woman Checks "Spending Time in Jail" Off Her Bucket List
"You get many unusual requests with this profession," one police officer said.... READ ON
Inside Canada's Annual International Hair Freezing Contest
At the Sourdough Rendezvous festival in Whitehorse, icy locks are the ultimate bizarre fashion statement.... READ ON
North Carolina Man Charged with Stealing 1000-Pound Chicken Statue
A birthday present from a poultry farmer to his wife, the statue mysteriously disappeared overnight.... READ ON
Judge Rules That the Snuggie Is a Blanket, Not a Garment
An age-old debate has been settled.... READ ON
Palestinian Barber Styles Clients' Hair Using a Blowtorch
Flat irons are for wimps.... READ ON
11 People Who Turned Up Alive at Their Own Funeral
Sometimes, the most unexpected guest shows up.... READ ON
Megabus Wants to Throw You a Free Wedding (on a Megabus)
Nothing says romance like double-decker seating and the open road.... READ ON
Museum Immortalizes Weasel That Shut Down the Large Hadron Collider
Fans of the weasel will be delighted to learn that its stuffed and slightly singed body will soon go on display at the Rotterdam Natural History Museum in the Netherlands.... READ ON
5 Strange News Stories From This Week
Odd news stories from all around.... READ ON
Librarian Creates Fake Patron to Keep Books on Shelves
The fictional "Chuck Finley" checked out 2361 books last year.... READ ON
5 Strange News Stories From This Week
Odd stories from all over.... READ ON
Someone Is Strategically Placing Poems Around a British Supermarket
The verse-loving perp left the poem "Deer" in the meat section atop some venison.... READ ON
6 Strange News Stories From This Week
Odd news items from all over.... READ ON

Pablo Picasso was held, questioned, and then released in 1911 for his suspected role in the theft of the Mona Lisa, which turned up months later.

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