17 Secrets of Wedding Photographers
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A Bubbly History of the Heart-Shaped Hot Tub
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Domino’s Launches a Wedding Registry for Pizza-Loving Couples
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Weddings Are Getting Smaller—And More Expensive
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Megabus Wants to Throw You a Free Wedding (on a Megabus)
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Why Are Wedding Rings Worn on the Left Hand?
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21 Surprising Historical Duties of the Wedding Party
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7 Wedding Disasters to Prepare For
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15 Travel Hacks to Help You Through Wedding Season
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12 Celebrities Who Have Officiated Weddings
Almost anyone can officiate a wedding by becoming an ordained minister of the non-denominational Universal Life Church—and a number of celebs have taken the church up on that offer.... READ ON
3D-Printed Toppers Make Your Wedding Cake Super Personalized
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Compare the Price Tags Of Your Favorite Movie Weddings
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Here Are Most Popular Wedding Reception Songs and Artists
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11 Thoughtful Off-Registry Wedding Gifts
What if the only items left are dish towels and mixing spoons? It might be time to think outside the registry.... READ ON
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Why Do Diamonds Cost So Much?
Two words: monopoly and propaganda.... READ ON
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7 Things To Know Before Legally Changing Your Name
What's in a name (change)? A whole lot of paperwork.... READ ON

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