Video Games
Target Is Getting a Mario Kart Makeover
Just in time for the release of 'Mario Kart 8' on the Switch, Target is turning itself into a real-world 'Kart' course.... READ ON
Video Games
Nintendo May Release an SNES Classic
Nintendo may soon have you refreshing Amazon sales pages again.... READ ON
Video Games
Cockroaches Love the PlayStation 4, Too
Your fancy new video game console could be prime real estate for roaches looking for a home.... READ ON
Video Games
The Artist Who Helped Bring Super Mario to Life
A veteran of animation lent a hand in creating Nintendo's vibrant world.... READ ON
Video Games
14 Things You Might Not Know About Carmen Sandiego
No guessing—or geography knowledge—required.... READ ON
Video Games
The University of Utah is Offering Scholarships to Video Gamers
And they said games were a waste of time.... READ ON
Video Games
RIP NES Classic: Nintendo Is Discontinuing Its Retro Console
We hardly knew ye.... READ ON
Coffee Table Recreates Pong in Real Life
Transform your living room into a home arcade.... READ ON
Video Games
Up Your Pac-Man Game by Learning the Different Strategies of Each Ghost
There's actually a method to the madness behind each of the googly-eyed phantoms.... READ ON
Video Games
Legend of Zelda-Themed Chess Is the Classiest Game in Hyrule
Hey! Listen! Checkmate!... READ ON
What did I just watch?
Recreating the Asteroids Video Game Using Lasers
Yes, a frickin' laser.... READ ON
Video Games
Plush Piranha Plant Puppet Is Perfect for Super Mario Reenactments
Fireballs not included.... READ ON
Mobile Game From Merriam-Webster Tests Your Dictionary Knowledge
Meet your newest word game obsession.... READ ON
Master the Game in Style With the 'Zelda: The Breath of the Wild' Strategy Books
Not as pretty as the game itself, but close.... READ ON
Video Games
Throw Back Drinks With This Retro Zelda Cartridge
For drinking potions on the go.... READ ON
Video Games
Have Every Retro Nintendo Game at Your Fingertips for $150
Allcade's Itty Bitty collection is a plug-and-play console for almost any Nintendo video game file.... READ ON

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