How Many Miles does Mario Run in Super Mario Bros?
It turns out Mario is getting in some really great cardio during his quest to save Princess Peach.... READ ON
Chart the Evolution of Nintendo's Zelda Franchise
This infographic shows how the games have evolved over the years, from its NES debut to 2017's 'Breath of the Wild.'... READ ON
Video Games
An Oral History of Nintendo's Power Glove
How Michael Jackson, Mattel, and the Japanese mafia influenced the ahead-of-its-time NES accessory.... READ ON
Go Inside an Intensely Detailed Minecraft Version of Downtown Chicago
The virtual version of the city took years to complete.... READ ON
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A Hidden Coin in Donkey Kong 64 Went Undetected for 17 Years
Players now need to collect 977 coins to complete a full run.... READ ON
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Apocalypse Now Video Game Hits Kickstarter With Cooperation From Francis Ford Coppola
The seminal war movie is being turned into a video game, with a little help from Kickstarter.... READ ON
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Here's How 'Mario' Creator Shigeru Miyamoto Designs a Video Game
His approach results in a more immersive form of digital storytelling.... READ ON
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Super Mario-Themed Shot Glasses Will Warp You Into Inebriation
Be careful where that pipe leads you.... READ ON
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See What Super Mario Bros. Looks Like as a Moving LEGO Set
Two of your favorite childhood pastimes are together at last.... READ ON
10 Playful Facts About Neopets
Neopets introduced many kids to economics, HTML, and the challenges of pet care.... READ ON
Power Up With This Super Mario-Themed Radish Shaper
This is an impractical kitchen tool we can get behind.... READ ON
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7 Things We Know About the Nintendo Switch
Nintendo's latest console touts some innovation, some nostalgia, and a whole lot of potential.... READ ON
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Hackers Find a Way to Add More Games to the NES Classic
Nintendo's roster of 30 games just got a sizable increase, thanks to some friendly hackers.... READ ON
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The Game Boy Returns, With a Twist
The classic handheld device is back—but it's not a Nintendo product.... READ ON
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Yes, These Super Nintendo Sneakers Are Real
And yes, those buttons are pressable.... READ ON
Video Games
Double Dragon IV Is Coming to PS4 and Steam on January 30
Billy and Jimmy are returning to consoles, just in time for the 30th anniversary of 'Double Dragon.'... READ ON

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