Nixon's Pigeon Problem
Richard Nixon was concerned that birds would make an unsightly mess on the parade route during his presidential inauguration, so he took steps to keep the birds away—but what ended up happening was way worse than some pigeon poop.... READ ON
What did I just watch?
Watch a Vinyl Record That Produces a Star Wars Hologram
Death Star schematics not included.... READ ON
Relax With Slo-Mo Toy Videos
Watch what happens when you slow toys down. WAY down.... READ ON
People Like Sharks More When They Swim to Upbeat Music
New research indicates that the ominous music that often accompanies footage of sharks leaves viewers with a negative impression of these great big fish—and that this effect is lessened when upbeat music is played instead.... READ ON
Watch Scenes from Every Best Animated Feature Winner Ever
Surprise! It's not just Pixar movies!... READ ON
How Many Miles does Mario Run in Super Mario Bros?
It turns out Mario is getting in some really great cardio during his quest to save Princess Peach.... READ ON
Alarm Clock Doesn't Stop Until You Shoot It With a Nerf Gun
Sleep with a Nerf gun under your pillow.... READ ON
Sleeping in a Tiny House
If the TV shows, documentaries, and countless blogs, Tumblr pages, and Pinterest accounts are any indication, tiny houses have become something of a craze. Our own Shaunacy Ferro wanted to know what the buzz was all about, so she booked a night at the Eleanor—an upstate New York luxury tiny house.... READ ON
In Case You Needed 6 More Reasons to Love Sloths
Feeling down and want to feel better? Watch this video about sloths. Feeling good and want to feel better? Same goes. Sloths are the best.... READ ON
Indian School Specializes in Educating Elderly Women
Aajibaichi Shala is India's first "school for grandmothers."... READ ON
Too Much Tea Could Send You to an Asylum In the 19th Century
Records from a Scottish insane asylum indicate that one woman was admitted to the facility in 1848 partly due to her "abuse of tea."... READ ON
Watch Smithsonian Conservationists Restore and Study Asian Art Treasures
Before these priceless items go on display, they need a little TLC.... READ ON
Peacock Feathers Are Even More Majestic Under a Microscope
Photographer Waldo Nell captures the iridescent beauty of peacock feathers under the microscope. His work transforms a familiar object into abstract landscapes and still lifes. We hope you’ll enjoy the stunning result.... READ ON
Watch a Supercut of Every Oscar Winner for Best Visual Effects
From "Wings" to "Ex Machina."... READ ON
That Time a Chimp Almost Strangled Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan's 1951 comedy may have been called Bedtime for Bonzo, but it was the future president who almost got his lights put out.... READ ON
Here's How Far You'd Have to Go Back For English to Stop Making Sense
A thousand years ago, English might as well have been a different language.... READ ON

Romance novelist Barbara Cartland was Princess Diana's step-grandmother.

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