Virgin Galactic Will Blast Stephen Hawking into Space
“Richard Branson has offered me a seat on Virgin Galactic, and I said yes immediately,” he said. “I can tell you what will make me happy—to travel in space.”... READ ON
Berlin Is Planning New Bicycle Superhighways
The city wants to be able to compete with bike havens like Copenhagen and Amsterdam.... READ ON
Wichita Gets Safer Bike Lanes Thanks to Toilet Plungers
Plunging toward traffic safety.... READ ON
New York Warns Drivers to Watch Out for Frogs Crossing the Road
Due to warm weather, amphibians may be coming out of hibernation earlier than usual.... READ ON
This Interactive Map Lets You See Which Local Bridges Are Safe
More than 130,000 bridges in the U.S. are structurally deficient or functionally obsolete.... READ ON
You Can Travel to Another City for as Little as $1 With Wanderu
For wanderlusters on a budget.... READ ON
Big Question
Why is the Passenger Seat Called "Shotgun"?
John Wayne had a little to do with it.... READ ON
These Bike Path Maps Are Designed to Look Like Subway Routes
To make bike maps truly useful, make them simple.... READ ON
Hybrid Electric Bus Can Charge When It Pulls Up to a Stop
It takes seven minutes to fully charge the battery.... READ ON
A New Plane Seat Could Make the Middle Spot the Roomiest
The design would also make boarding faster.... READ ON
There Are Almost No Roads in Giethoorn, Holland, Just Waterways
It’s a little slice of Venice in northern Europe.... READ ON
Tesla's Autopilot Has Reduced Car Crashes, Government Agency Finds
By a whopping 40 percent.... READ ON
City Maps Replace Transit Stops With Popular Instagram Hashtags
#Cronut, #innout, and #currywurst are all included.... READ ON
Airbus's "Flying Car" Prototype Could Be Ready for Takeoff Within the Year
The aircraft would be summoned from your phone like a ride-hailing service.... READ ON
Trains in the Netherlands Now Run Entirely on Wind Energy
It's the first train system in the world to run entirely on renewable energy.... READ ON
Sunday is the 16th Annual No Pants Subway Ride
If you're heading out on Sunday and don't know what to wear, stop thinking.... READ ON

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