Big Question
Why Don't UPS Drivers Turn Left?
More than 90 percent of a UPS driver's turns are to the right. Why?... READ ON
Wichita Gets Safer Bike Lanes Thanks to Toilet Plungers
Plunging toward traffic safety.... READ ON
New York Warns Drivers to Watch Out for Frogs Crossing the Road
Due to warm weather, amphibians may be coming out of hibernation earlier than usual.... READ ON
Jaywalking Behavior Varies by Culture, Study Confirms
An analysis of French and Japanese crosswalks found that the former are much more likely to cross against a red light.... READ ON
Hybrid Electric Bus Can Charge When It Pulls Up to a Stop
It takes seven minutes to fully charge the battery.... READ ON
Live Smarter
Traffic Problem Areas to Avoid on Your Holiday Travels
Tis the season for travel nightmares.... READ ON
China’s Road-Straddling Bus Has Been Blocking Traffic for Months
The idea may have been too good to be true.... READ ON
Over 1 Million More People Than Last Year Will Travel for Thanksgiving
The vast majority of travelers will be hitting the open road.... READ ON
Texas A&M Now Has Glow-in-the-Dark Bike Lanes
They're solar powered.... READ ON
Why Traffic Jams Happen (and How to Fix Them)
If we all drove like robots, everything would be fantastic.... READ ON
E-Ink Advertising Could Be Coming to a Semi Truck Near You
Side-of-the-road billboards are so 20th century.... READ ON
BART Is Paying San Francisco Riders Not to Commute During Rush Hour
It's part of a stopgap plan to deal with the service's overwhelming ridership and aging infrastructure.... READ ON
Google Searches Could Predict Future Traffic Jams, Study Finds
A German study finds Google searches for "traffic jam" peak two hours before congestion occurs.... READ ON
Why Too Many Parking Lots Are Bad for Cities
An animated primer on how parking regulations shape the look and feel of cities.... READ ON
Over 100 Excavators Tear Down a Chinese Overpass in One Weekend
It's possible to demolish a highway without disrupting the weekday commute.... READ ON
Cars Stuck in Traffic Are Filled With Polluted Air
Yet another reason those long commutes aren't good for you.... READ ON

Cleopatra had a special lipstick made for her, consisting of crushed ants and deep red carmine beetles.

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