Cool Job Alert: American Girl Is Hiring a Historian
The company is looking for a researcher to verify the historical accuracy of its products.... READ ON
Visitors to LEGOLAND Japan Can Eat LEGO-Shaped French Fries
The newest LEGOLAND park fully embraces the theme.... READ ON
7 Prototype Movie Tie-in Toys That Were Never Released
To help you imagine what your toybox could have looked like, we've picked out some of the most interesting action figures that, for one reason or another, never got made.... READ ON
Brilliant LEGO Tape Lets You Build on Any Surface
This opens up a whole new world of possibilities.... READ ON
A Revolutionary Toy Idea: 'Hamilton: The LEGO Set' 
"The plan is to fan this spark into a flame..."... READ ON
Take a Virtual Tour of Queen Mary’s Dollhouse
It features working elevators, electric lighting, and indoor plumbing.... READ ON
Relax With Slo-Mo Toy Videos
Watch what happens when you slow toys down. WAY down.... READ ON
Introducing a Dungeons & Dragons-Inspired LEGO Set 
Bring your campaign to life, LEGO-style.... READ ON
Hasbro’s New 40th Anniversary Star Wars Toys Are Going Old-School
You can recreate the most iconic scenes from 'A New Hope.'... READ ON
You Can Teach Your LEGO Robot How to Do Anything, Including Fart
If you want your kids to learn how to program, teach them bathroom-joke code.... READ ON
Introducing The Beast, a 839-Foot Inflatable Obstacle Course for Adults
Just think of it as the upgraded bounce house of your childhood dreams.... READ ON
Open Your Front Door With a Key Shaped Like He-Man's Sword
It won't turn you into a bodybuilder in a loincloth, but it will let you open a lock.... READ ON
Breaking the Mold: Kenner's Super Powers Collection
The mid-1980s toy line gave Superman what he always needed: a motor vehicle.... READ ON
Now You Can Enjoy a LEGO Brick Burger
This LEGO-centric eatery gives fans a whole new way to celebrate the beloved bricks.... READ ON
LEGO Launches Kid-Friendly Social Network
Young LEGO maniacs can now turn their fandom into a safe and social experience.... READ ON
New Service Will Send Kids STEM Toys Each Month
A monthly present that will excite kids and parents alike.... READ ON

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