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How Much to Tip 11 People for the Holidays
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Infographic: 21 Ways to Make Your Next Business Trip a Breeze
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How to Master the Art of Costco Shopping
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9 Marriage Tips From Ancient Philosophers
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13 Anger Management Tips From Ancient Philosophers
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This Infographic Explains the Difference Between Perfume and Eau de Toilette
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100 Pieces of Advice from 100-Year-Olds
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How to Preserve Autumn Leaves
Big Question
What If You Survive the Apocalypse and Only Have One Pair of Contacts?
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9 Photos of Comic-Con Cosplayers Eating
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The Blogger Abides: Words and Phrases I've Misused
Good news, everyone! I wrote a book! It's called The Blogger Abides, and it's based on my experience writing for Mental Floss and other publications over the years. Longtime readers of this blog will recognize the book as a very Flossy affair: it includes a lengthy foreword by Ransom Riggs, and it was edited by Adrienne Crezo.  Have you ever wondered what it's like to interview famous people who are intimidatingly awesome and/or rude? Have you asked yourself, "Do bloggers wear pants?" Have you... READ ON

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