Visual Proof of Snowflakes' Non-Uniqueness
Science ruins everything.... READ ON
What did I just watch?
Watch Ultra-Closeup Video of Sweat Glands on Fingertips
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How Long Does It Take to Get to the Bottom of an Excel Spreadsheet?
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This Great Barrier Reef Timelapse is Gorgeously Creepy
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Video: What Pills Look Like When They Dissolve in Your Body
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NASA Timelapse Shows a Year of Earth As Seen From Space
Over 3000 satellite images were animated together to make the spinning timelapse.... READ ON
Watch Mercury Pass in Front of the Sun in 4K Resolution
Last month's exciting solar event has been immortalized in high-definition video.... READ ON
Watch This Snake Ruin a Timelapse of a Robin's Nest
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Watch a Breathtaking Timelapse of Patagonia in 8K Resolution
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Koyaanisqatsi Trailer Recreated Using Stock Footage
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Watch Beetles Dine on Fish Corpses in This Timelapse
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This Video Gets Up Close and Personal With California Wildfires
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Watch This Tilt-Shift Video Tour of Miami
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Pretty Pictures
Watch Soothing Footage of Ice Floes on Lake Michigan
A timelapse shot out of a Chicago high-rise captures what happens when large sections of the lake freeze over.... READ ON
How a Makeup Artist Transforms Herself Into a Supervillain
Cosplay at 10,000 times the speed.... READ ON
Fun With Census Data: U.S. Population Movement
Watch the U.S. population move south and west over 220 years (in one minute of video).... READ ON

Engineers have developed light bulbs that gather information about the surface the light hits, allowing anything to be used as a screen.

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