Learn a Language While You Wait for People to Respond to Your Gchats
An MIT project is trying to help people learn during brief moments of online waiting.... READ ON
Live Smarter Has Been Selling Your Email Data—Here’s How to Make it Stop
You'll need to sort through your email settings to revoke the service's access to your data.... READ ON
Charging Stand Turns Your iPhone Into a Mini Macintosh
Old-school sounds and graphics not included.... READ ON
These New Earplugs Are Like a Volume Button for the World Around You
Hear what you want, when you want.... READ ON
Touchscreen-Controlled Chair Lets Disabled Toddlers Get Around
The chair uses technology many kids are already familiar with.... READ ON
You Can Chat With Albert Einstein’s Facebook Bot Alter-Ego
Just prepare yourself for some physics puns.... READ ON
Live Smarter
Futuristic New Mastercard Includes a Built-In Fingerprint Scanner
This new credit card eliminates the need for a PIN or signature.... READ ON
New Process Will Allow You to 3D Print Glass on Demand
3D printers have been limited to plastics and some metals. Soon, they'll be able to shape glass.... READ ON
This App Wants to Help You Become a Better Singer
Without ever having to sing in front of another human.... READ ON
Video Games
The Artist Who Helped Bring Super Mario to Life
A veteran of animation lent a hand in creating Nintendo's vibrant world.... READ ON
California Moves to Turn Freeway Traffic Into Electricity
Gridlock could be turned into something useful.... READ ON
Snapchat World Lenses Are the Next Step in Augmented Reality
"World Lenses" behave like objects in the real world.... READ ON
This App Turns Text Messages Into Short Stories
Aimed at getting young people to read more, Hooked has more than 10 million downloads.... READ ON
The UK Driving Test Will Soon Include a GPS Navigation Section
New UK drivers will be required to follow GPS directions as part of their licensing exam starting in December 2017.... READ ON
Solar-Powered Dehumidifier Pulls Fresh Water Out of Thin Air
It's not that difficult to collect condensation in a humid climate, but squeezing H20 from arid, thin air is another story.... READ ON
New Test Uses Gene Editing Technology CRISPR to Detect Disease
SHERLOCK is fast, cheap, and can accurately detect infections like Zika virus and Dengue fever and even cancer-causing mutations.... READ ON

The state fish of Hawaii is the humuhumunukunukuapua'a. The Hawaiian name roughly translates to "the fish with a pig-like nose." It's English name is the Reef Triggerfish.

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