Heated Mats Keep Steps Ice-Free in the Winter
No more coating your steps in salt and jabbing them with a shovel.... READ ON
This Robot Helper Is Designed to Keep Older People Company
Many seniors live alone, but a robot design called ElliQ wants to make sure they aren't lonely.... READ ON
A Brief History of the Wiki—and Where It Might Be Going Next
Wikis, or user-edited websites, are older than you might think—in fact, they’re practically the elders of the online world.... READ ON
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This Phishing Scam Is Targeting Gmail Accounts by Posing as Your Contacts
Gmail users are reporting a phishing scam that comes masquerading as one of your contacts.... READ ON
7 CES Tech Innovations and What They Mean For You, the Humble Consumer
Drones, VR, mermaids, and more.... READ ON
Wearables May Be Able to Tell When You're Falling Ill
Smart devices can monitor our pulse rates, skin temperature, and other vitals, and notice when they're off.... READ ON
This Outlet Comes With a Built-In Night-Light
For all you clumsy night owls.... READ ON
Get the Perfect Pour-Over with a Super-Smart Electric Kettle
Attention, fussy coffee fans: you’re going to want to see this.... READ ON
Poop Emoji-Inspired Doughnuts Are Now a Thing
Yum?... READ ON
The AI That's Learning to Diagnose Health Issues
Your doctor may soon be examining you with a cell phone instead of a stethoscope.... READ ON
Uncork Bottles Like a Cowboy With This Gun-Shaped Wine Opener
We assume this is how people drank wine in the Wild West.... READ ON
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7 of History's Greatest Robots
Presented by Neato Robotics.... READ ON
The Army Wants to Build Biodegradable Bullets
The environmentally friendly casings would even contain plant seeds.... READ ON
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How Your Sloppy Email Subject Lines Are Affecting Your Work
A new analysis shows that we're more error-prone during the first day of the work week—and that these mistakes affect response rate.... READ ON
You Can Get Paid to Improve AI By Performing Simple Tasks
This startup is crowdsourcing human knowledge to make smart tech smarter.... READ ON
New Amiga Documentary Highlights the History of the Retro Computer
The platform still has a cult following today.... READ ON

The first recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross award (for heroism or achievement in aerial combat) was Charles Lindbergh. He achieved this feat a year before his famous transatlantic flight.

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