Wikipedia Bots Wage Editing Wars That Last for Years
The site's most relentless editors are computer algorithms.... READ ON
Change Your Passwords: A Massive Web Leak Has Occurred
A tiny bug in its code caused Cloudflare to experience a serious memory leak.... READ ON
Alarm Clock Doesn't Stop Until You Shoot It With a Nerf Gun
Sleep with a Nerf gun under your pillow.... READ ON
New Image Translation Tool Turns Any Drawing Into a Terrifying Cat Monstrosity
Eek!... READ ON
Trendy Keyboards Bring Back the Nostalgic Feel of Typewriters
Clack, clack, clack...... READ ON
Keep Your Online Accounts Safe by Using a Password Manager
They help you remember—and manage—multiple codes.... READ ON
This Light-Up Bike Helmet Helps Keep Cyclists Safe at Night
The helmet, called Lumos, has a brake light and turn signals.... READ ON
6 Finnish Terms You'll Want to Use in English, in Emoji Form
One of them quite literally means "underwear drunk."... READ ON
How Does Wireless Charging Work—And Is It Safe?
A century-old bit of technology may solve our charging woes.... READ ON
The Early 2000s-Era Nokia 3310 May Be Returning to Stores
At $63, it will cost a lot less than a smartphone.... READ ON
The Pentagon Is Paying Hackers to Infiltrate Its Systems
The first vulnerability was found within hours of the program's launch.... READ ON
You Can Now Check Facebook for the Latest Weather Forecasts
Your weather app has some competition.... READ ON
Prepare Your Entire Breakfast—Coffee Included—With One Efficient Appliance
Ding! Bacon, sausage, eggs, toast, and coffee are ready.... READ ON
Live Smarter
Here's How to De-Politicize Your Facebook Feed
A guide to getting back to a steady stream of cute cat memes.... READ ON
Live Smarter
This Gadget Lets You Check If You Left the Stove On From Your Phone
Instead of dropping everything to rush home, you can turn it off through the app.... READ ON
LEGO Launches Kid-Friendly Social Network
Young LEGO maniacs can now turn their fandom into a safe and social experience.... READ ON

Romance novelist Barbara Cartland was Princess Diana's step-grandmother.

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