South Korean Artist Creates Cartoon Tattoos of Real-Life Pets
In Southeast Asia, body art is becoming more mainstream—and more adorable.... READ ON
Human Zoetrope? How One Man's Ring of Tattoos Transforms Into an Animation
When the subject turns, his "animated tattoo" springs to life.... READ ON
Inuit Tattoo Artist Breathes New Life Into an Ancient Art
Learn how the colorful designs are created, and why they're so culturally significant.... READ ON
Realistic Temporary Tattoos Help You Try Designs Before Committing
Get a good idea what your tattoo will look like before it's on you forever.... READ ON
Researchers Found a Way to Control Devices With Temporary Tattoos
Gold leaf tattoos have the potential to be more than just a trendy fashion statement.... READ ON
Artist's Prosthetic Arm Includes Working Tattoo Machine
The arm was custom-made using a real prosthesis and various machine parts.... READ ON
Tattoo Recognition Technology Triggers Privacy Concerns
The research is being challenged as a violation of free speech and privacy.... READ ON
New Zealand Artist to Bring "Tattoo" Skills to Children's Hospital Patients
They totally look like the real thing.... READ ON
Artist Uses Real Plants and Flowers to Create Nature-Inspired Tattoos
Here's a way to get some truly one-of-a-kind ink.... READ ON
Take Tattoos For a Trial Run With This Augmented Reality App
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Get Inked By a Famous Tattoo Artist (Sorta)
All the fun of tattoos—with none of the pain.... READ ON
These Temporary Tattoos Smell Like Real Flowers
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13 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Tattoo Artists
The grueling training, the ethical obstacles, and the only three names you should ever get tattooed.... READ ON
Tattoo Artist Bang Bang Collects Ink From Celebrity Clients
The New York-based artist shares his favorite tattoo stories in a new book.... READ ON
Oddly Calming GIFs of Tattooing in Slow-Motion
PhD Student Develops Painless Tattoo Removal Cream
If you end up with a regrettable tattoo, a researcher at Dalhousie University in Halifax is making it easier to erase that mistake.... READ ON

Perfume engineers need to account for a scent’s rate of evaporation, how the nose picks up odors, and three different patterns of smells that affect how it's perceived.

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