Star Trek Fan Builds Klingon Warship Entirely From LEGO Bricks
The project called for 25,000 bricks—and took eight years to complete.... READ ON
Star Trek Bean Bag Chair Lets You Command the Room in Comfort
Snugly go where no man has gone before.... READ ON
Watch the Star Trek: Voyager Captain Janeway Who Almost Was
Captain Janeway was originally named Nicole, and was played by Canadian actor Geneviève Bujold.... READ ON
George Takei Donates Art and Star Trek Memorabilia to L.A. Museum
Trekkies have a new reason to make a pilgrimage to L.A.... READ ON
Watch Leonard Nimoy's Star Trek Memories
Live long and prosper.... READ ON
National Air and Space Museum Offers Audio Tours in Klingon
You can now have the inventor of the famed 'Star Trek' language as your personal guide.... READ ON
What Do the Different Uniform Colors Mean on Star Trek?
The different colored uniforms aboard the Enterprise are about more than just looks.... READ ON
Facebook’s Reaction Buttons Have Gotten a Star Trek-Themed Makeover
Give that post a Vulcan salute.... READ ON
20 Enterprising Facts About Star Trek
Fifty years ago, Gene Roddenberry's galaxy-spanning saga debuted on NBC and helped transform sci-fi television from tired stereotypes into a genre rich with multilayered drama, ethnically diverse characters, and real world issues... READ ON
Watch Rare 'Star Trek' Home Movies
Including footage of Shatner's Doberman Pinscher, Morgan.... READ ON
Indulge Your Star Trek Obsession With a $10,000 Pinball Table
This is the perfect addition to the world's nerdiest living room.... READ ON
You Can Tour This Star Trek Replica Deck
William Shatner not included.... READ ON
Paramount, CBS Release Rules for Star Trek Fan Films
You can't use 'Star Trek' in the title, for one.... READ ON
Barbie Enters the Final Frontier With New Star Trek Collection
Beaming up to a toy shelf near you.... READ ON
Video: You Can't Escape Shakespeare
"You have not experienced Shakespeare until you have read him in the original Klingon."... READ ON
Pool Party and Prosper With This Star Trek Swimsuit
Perfect for an afternoon in the Holodeck’s sauna program.... READ ON

Engineers have developed light bulbs that gather information about the surface the light hits, allowing anything to be used as a screen.

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