Peggy Whitson Breaks NASA Record for Most Days in Space
It's one of many, many records held by the trailblazer.... READ ON
Watch How Stars Will Move Over the Next 5,000,000 Years
Constellations are temporary.... READ ON
A Brief History of Soyuz 1, Fifty Years Later
What started as a tragedy led to the world's most reliable space launch system.... READ ON
Look Up Tonight! The Lyrids Meteor Shower Is Set to Stun
You can expect to see 10 meteors an hour tonight.... READ ON
New "Super-Earth" Exoplanet May Have Water—and Life
The planet resides in its star’s habitable zone, the slim "Goldilocks" orbit at which water can exist as a stable liquid.... READ ON
Look Up! A Huge Asteroid Is Whizzing Past Earth This Week
The 2000-foot space rock should be visible with a small optical telescope the night of April 19.... READ ON
Pretty Pictures
Before and After Photos Show California’s Super Bloom From Space
California's deserts are extra picturesque this spring, and you can see it all by satellite.... READ ON
Big Question
Who Took the Photo of the First Man on the Moon?
On This Day in 1972, Apollo 16 Blasted Off
Astronaut Charlie Duke left a photo of his family on the moon.... READ ON
NASA Puts the Planet Up for Adoption in Time for Earth Day
One section can be (symbolically) yours.... READ ON
Hidden Figures Is Coming to Classrooms
The real-life story behind the hit movie doesn't end once the credits roll; for educators, there's now a free curriculum to use in the classroom that shines a light on the pioneering African-American women of NASA's space program.... READ ON
Keep the Whole Solar System to Yourself in This Tiny Bottle
You can now buy the entire galaxy for about $37.... READ ON
How Will the Europa Lander Search for Life?
New details on the breaking-edge mission to the Jovian moon.... READ ON
Big Question
Why Are the Mountains on Mars So Much Taller Than Those on Earth?
Gravity is only part of it.... READ ON
See Baby Stars Explode in Orion
Astronomers looking into the center of a star-forming cloud in Orion discovered a pyrotechnic marvel.... READ ON
In 1959, Soviets Littered the Moon With Tiny Metal Pennants
Luna 2 was the first human-made object to reach the moon.... READ ON

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