The Origins of 11 Famous Star Trek Lines
Live long and prosper.... READ ON
5 Famous Characters with Brunette Evil Twins
Having an evil twin can be a drag. They run around causing mischief and often trying to steal their innocent twin’s identity. Thankfully for us, when it comes to the realm of fiction, it's easy to tell the good twin apart from the evil one: by their hair. Here are five famous (and unfortunate) characters that had to deal with a brunette evil twin.... READ ON
The Names of 34 International Sesame Street Co-Productions
When Sesame Street debuted in 1969, many producers, teachers, and government officials from different countries contacted the Children’s Television Workshop about airing versions of Sesame Street within their own countries.... READ ON
21 Fun Activities Outside the San Diego Comic Con
16 Fun Pieces of Canadian TV Fan Art
Here are some fantastic fan art pieces from a few of the country’s most popular TV exports.... READ ON
17 Tattoos Inspired by TV Shows
Plenty of people are that dedicated to their favorite shows and there are tons of tattoos featuring TV show logos and characters out there. Here are some of the many truly great show tattoos on the net.... READ ON
7 Television Shows Saved by Their Fans
Never doubt the power of a devoted audience: Time and again, adoring fan bases have brought television shows back from the brink of cancellation—or actual cancellation. Shows like Family Guy and Futurama were resuscitated long after cancellation by the indirect fan actions of DVD purchases and the ratings of reruns on other networks, but sometimes fans take a much more direct role in rescuing their favorite programs. Here are some of the most fantastic examples of shows saved by their passionate... READ ON
27 Temporarily Banned Episodes of Popular TV Shows
Over the years, a number of TV series have removed specific episodes from their rerun schedules. Some eventually return to the airwaves, while others may be serving a lifetime ban.... READ ON
12 TV Shows Canceled After One Episode
Addicted to terrible reality shows? Take comfort knowing that they can’t possibly be as bad as these short-lived series.... READ ON

Both James Madison and Alexander Hamilton helped George Washington write his famous Farewell Address.

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