Mental Floss Trivia Show is Coming to VidCon!
Next stop for The mental_floss Trivia Show: VidCon in Anaheim!... READ ON
New York: Come to the mental_floss Trivia Show!
You Don’t Need $225,000 Worth of Plastic Surgery to Celebrate Shakespeare
Lots of people say they like Shakespeare. Not a lot of people get plastic surgery just to prove it.... READ ON
"Breakfast on Mars," the Book Your Middle-Schooler Needs
John Green and Ransom Riggs: Best Sellers Together at Last
mental_floss has a talent for producing spectacularly successful writers. And no, I'm not just talking about my own immense wealth and power*. No, dear readers, I'm referring to Ransom Riggs and John Green, two mental_floss writers who currently hold the #2 and #1 spots respectively on the New York Times Best Sellers list. Because they're both writing for a Young Adult audience, their particular list is "Children's Chapter Books" (how quaint), and Ransom's haunting book Miss Peregrine's Home for... READ ON
Twaggies on GoComics
Excuse the shameless self-promotion folks, but once in a while we can be self-congratulatory, can't we? My crowdsourced Webcomic, Twaggies, has inked a syndication deal with GoComics/Universal, the Web's largest catalog of syndicated newspaper strips and Webcomics. So what's that mean? Well, if it performs on their site, they'll consider selling it to newspapers (remember those?) and magazines around the world. So what's that mean? If you've got a Twitter account, YOUR tweet could wind up in newspapers and... READ ON
A little shameless self-promo today... My son has started a series of video reviews for Wired's GeekDad blog. You can see the latest, a review of ThinkGeek's iCade, below. Father and son will be doing these every month, so if you're a fan, look for them over on... READ ON
Trivial Pursuits?
Please excuse this moment of shameless self-promotion, but my new novel became available today in the Kindle store and is presently at number 10,091... which is pretty darn good for a self-published book. I co-authored Trivial Pursuits? with the amazing Jennifer Byrne, who has collaborated with me here on such _floss quizzes as Celebrity Baby Name or Computer Virus and Star Trek Character or Erectile Dysfunction Pill? . If you have a Kindle, an iPad with the Kindle app, or even a smartphone with... READ ON
Twitter's Twaggies is the first start-up I've ever, er, started up that's made it out of the incipient early BETA test phase and has actually brought people joy. So I thought it was high time I introduced it to you awesome _flossers. The basic idea is that we find tweets we think are funny and then illustrate them to make them (hopefully) even funnier. You know how you tag photos on Facebook? Well, here we are twagging people we like on Twitter. One of our early supporters @1surlygurl, once tweeted that we're... READ ON
Chris Higgins on This American Life
It's shameless self-promotion time! I've been working on a story for my favorite radio show, This American Life, for the past few months. That story airs on tonight's TAL episode ("Held Hostage," Friday, June 4) on WBEZ in Chicago, and then on public radio stations around the country -- check your local listings. A free MP3 and podcast will also be available starting Sunday, for those outside the US or without a radio. I'm very pleased to be on the show, and working with the TAL team has been just what... READ ON
Food Fight!
I don't have an iPhone. But my brother does. He is so into his iPhone, not only does he play games on his iPhone, he designs games as well. His first project is a free game app called Food Fight, in which you, the chef, must defend yourself against a crowd of mutant vegetables using your only weapon, a copper pot.*So why is our chef fighting giant mutant vegetables? Geez, we don't know, it's just a game! Toxic waste, evil aliens, too long in the fridge, take your pick.*Just talking about it makes me crave... READ ON
What's new?
My junior year of college I worked as a spy. At the age of 21, I liked to refer to myself as The Youngest Spy in the World. There was no real way of knowing if this was true. There was no Google. There were no blogs. This was 1989. Before the Internet. Before hostesses stopped asking "Smoking or non?" and before toothbrushes started looking like sneakers. Interested in reading the rest of the story? Of course you are! Well, the above was excerpted from my post yesterday over at the3six5... READ ON
I Can Haz Preorder? Several species now taking advantage of discount
Ben and Terri sent in this pic of their cat who apparently preordered the book on Amazon (at least that's what the photo and bad grammar led us to believe). Thank you so much for showing your support. Thanks to this cat and all of you, the book has actually climbed to #2 on the world history bestseller list. And while we're ecstatic about the numbers, we're even more happy that we're finally breaking into that elusive cat demographic. If you haven't preordered the new mental_floss book yet, the deal's... READ ON
SALE ENDS TONIGHT! All Shirts just $14.90
Just visit the store, and enter the word "teeparty" as the discount code. But be quick! The sale ends at... READ ON
10% off EVERYTHING SALE: Just 2 Days Left!
Time is running out, folks. In honor of Leo, the handsomest Airedale on staff, we've decided to cut prices on everything in the mental_floss store this week. From t-shirts to books to periodic table shower curtains, all you have to do is enter the word "dog" as the coupon code, and you'll automatically get 10% off everything in your shopping... READ ON
mental_floss Rejoices at return of full RSS Feeds
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. Birmingham, ALA. Today, at 4:15pm EST, the editorial board of mental_floss magazine kept their promise to  readers and turned their blog's RSS feed back to full blast. The feed had been temporarily disabled due to hacking issues. The gushing stream of full RSS stories hitting inboxes around the nation was quickly followed by cheers heard across America, and the popping of champagne corks distribution of celebratory juice boxes around the magazine's headquarters. "This is a great... READ ON

In 2010, a sex pheromone found in male mouse urine was named "darcin" for Jane Austen’s Mr. Darcy.

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