This Frog’s Slime Fights the Flu
A peptide secreted by the frog’s skin kills the H1 variety of the flu virus.... READ ON
New York’s Trans Fat Ban Reduced Heart Attacks and Strokes
Counties that implemented trans fat bans saw a significant decline in heart attacks and strokes compared to counties without bans.... READ ON
The Fireball That Killed the Dinosaurs Could Help Us Find Life on Other Planets
The Chicxulub crater is providing new clues about how life may have begun on Earth about 4 billion years ago—and point us towards how and where we can look for life across the universe.... READ ON
Stones, Bones & Wrecks
Archaeologists Need Your Help to Study 100+ Graves in Philadelphia
With enough funding, they will analyze—and then reinter—the remains of people buried between 1707 and 1859 in a Baptist cemetery—and mental_floss will be in the lab with them.... READ ON
Color Your Way Through Air Pollution With a Climate Change Coloring Book
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Live Smarter
Study Sheds Light on Why Salty Snacks Are So Addictive
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Freezer Malfunction Melts Precious Arctic Ice Samples
“I’ve had better days, let’s say that.”... READ ON
New "Super-Earth" Exoplanet May Have Water—and Life
The planet resides in its star’s habitable zone, the slim "Goldilocks" orbit at which water can exist as a stable liquid.... READ ON
Lady Pigeons’ Hormones Show the Value of Studying Both Sexes
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Tooth Decay May Have Turned Tsavo Lions into Man-Eaters
Humans were “so much easier to catch” than zebras or wildebeests.... READ ON
Researchers Discover New Species of Giant Spider
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Stones, Bones & Wrecks
The Deepest Shipwreck Ever Found
We are only just beginning to find ways to explore the deepest trenches.... READ ON
Tiny Prehistoric Beetle Was First to Mooch off Termites
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Visual Proof of Snowflakes' Non-Uniqueness
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How Do Tics Develop in Tourette Syndrome?
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Study Finds Women in Academia Do More Unpaid "Service" Work
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