With Training, We Can Learn to Spot Fake News
Researchers say we can inoculate ourselves against fabrications the same way we would a virus.... READ ON
Rose Totino, Patron Genius of Frozen Pizza
Say a thanks for Rose. Frozen pizza used to taste terrible. Then this sweetly badass nonna fixed it.... READ ON
Big Question
What Really Happens When You Swallow Your Gum?
A new video from the American Chemical Society breaks down the science of a substance that we can't break down.... READ ON
7 Food and Drink Hacks Based on Math and Science
Learning never tasted so good.... READ ON
How Lithium Makes Its Way From Salt Flats to Your Cell Phone
Chile's Atacama Desert is one of the driest places on Earth, but it's also home to buried treasure.... READ ON
9 Women Changing the Future of Robotics
Look to these brilliant women for what to expect from the robots of tomorrow.... READ ON
In Australia, Horses Kill More People Than Venomous Creatures Do
But you should still watch out for bees.... READ ON
Live Smarter
Want to Eat Less Junk Food? Serve Yourself
A new study finds that being physically involved with serving your food can lead you to healthier eating choices.... READ ON
Hair Follicles May Help Wounds Heal Without Scars
The researchers say they've pioneered a method to regenerate the skin.... READ ON
As Bombs Fell on Paris, Marie Curie Went to War
First, Marie Curie tried to donate her Nobel Prize medals. When bank officials refused to melt them down, she donated her prize money to purchase war bonds instead.... READ ON
Biologist Names Moth After Trump to Send Message About Conservation
Vazrick Nazari said he hoped the move would publicize the need to “continue protecting fragile habitats in the U.S.”... READ ON
2016 Was the Hottest Year Ever Recorded
Scientists say our role in climate change is “plain as day.”... READ ON
Soft, Implantable Robots May Help Ailing Hearts
Researchers are developing implantable robots that could save the lives of heart failure patients.... READ ON
Scientists Identify the Creators of Namibia’s "Fairy Circles"
Spoiler: It's not fairies.... READ ON
How Talk Therapy Can Change Our Brains for the Better
The brains of study participants who used cognitive behavioral therapy showed strengthened connections in regions associated with social perception.... READ ON
8 Surprising Facts About the Deepest Part of the Ocean
1. More people have been to the Moon than have explored the hadal deep.... READ ON

Andre Agassi's father represented Iran in boxing in the 1948 and 1952 Olympics.

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