Scientists Decode the Secret of Glowing Mushrooms
Unsurprisingly, it's weird.... READ ON
Why Do Our Bodies Need Electrolytes?
Find out what they are, the role they play in our bodies, and whether electrolyte-packed drinks like Gatorade are really all they're cracked up to be.... READ ON
Climate Change Has Forced Mussels to Toughen Up
Blue mussels have evolved stronger shells to protect themselves against rising acid levels in the Baltic Sea.... READ ON
NASA Is Developing an Inflatable Greenhouse to Use on Mars
NASA and researchers at the University of Arizona are building a greenhouse that can mimic conditions on Earth to feed astronauts on the moon and on Mars.... READ ON
Scientists Grow Working Human Brain Circuits
The network of cells will allow researchers to study how our brains develop.... READ ON
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These Caterpillars Chow Down on Plastic Bags
Scientists say wax worms may be a way to help dispose of non-biodegradable plastic waste.... READ ON
Scientists Develop Germ-Fighting Fake Mucus
“I am so excited about mucus,” said the lead researcher.... READ ON
Why Walking Makes Us Feel Good
Scientists say each step we take sends a pulse of blood to the brain, leading to an “overall sense of wellbeing.”... READ ON
Scientists Record an Extremely Intimate Look at How Dolphins Get It On
Researchers used a CT scanner to watch how dolphins' oddly shaped junk fits together during sex.... READ ON
The Star-Nosed Mole Is Almost Too Weird
With legs like shovels and a tentacle-tipped face, Condylura cristata is in a class of its own.... READ ON
Watch a Rare Drone Video of a Blue Whale Feeding
A new video of blue whales feeding in New Zealand shows they're picky about which meals are worth the effort.... READ ON
A Blood Test May Help Pinpoint the Right Antidepressant for You
A new study provides additional diagnostic information that could change the way depression is treated.... READ ON
A Founder of Earth Day Looks Back on How It Began
On April 22, 1970, Denis Hayes stood on a stage in Central Park, stunned by the number of people who'd come to honor the planet.... READ ON
What Makes Peregrine Falcons the Fastest Animals on Earth?
Cruising at rates between 40 and 60 miles per hour, one might say that the predatory bird is the cheetah of the sky.... READ ON
You Can Chat With Albert Einstein’s Facebook Bot Alter-Ego
Just prepare yourself for some physics puns.... READ ON

It took three people to compose “The Hokey Pokey." Roland Lawrence “Larry” LaPrise, Charles Macack, and Taft Baker wrote the tune in 1949 to entertain tired skiers at nightclubs in Sun Valley, Idaho.

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