Watch Hilariously Awkward Robots Rap About Their Machine-Learning Skills
"I got 99 problems / But learning by imitation from human-human interactions ain't one."... READ ON
See What Goes on Inside the Robot Animals That Spy on Wildlife
'Spy in the Wild' wouldn’t be possible without its animatronic creatures.... READ ON
Peek Inside YouTube Star Simone Giertz’s Robotics Lab
The "Queen of Sh*tty Robots" has a pretty decent workspace.... READ ON
Google's New A.I. Experiment Lets You Play a Piano Duet With a Robot
Spoiler: The robot is better than you.... READ ON
New Ultrasound Tech Captures Clearest Imaging Ever of a 20-Week-Old Fetus
A London-based fetal imaging research project is developing ways to screen for abnormalities earlier.... READ ON
MIT’s Transparent Gel Robot Can Catch and Release a Live Goldfish Underwater
It can kick a ball, too.... READ ON
These Cardboard Drones Are (Highly Useful) Paper Airplanes for the Military
They're part of an effort to design single-use drones that can disappear after a mission is complete.... READ ON
This Robot Can Pick Up Fruit Without Squishing It
Grocery warehouses could one day be totally robotic.... READ ON
Robot-Staffed Coffee Shop Opens in San Francisco
What this barista lacks in warmth it makes up for in efficiency.... READ ON
9 Women Changing the Future of Robotics
Look to these brilliant women for what to expect from the robots of tomorrow.... READ ON
Sponsored by Neato Robotics
9 Robots Designed to Optimize Your Life
Presented by Neato Robotics.... READ ON
Sponsored by Neato Robotics
7 of History's Greatest Robots
Presented by Neato Robotics.... READ ON
Border Control Agencies May One Day Use AI to Detect Travelers’ Lies
If you lie about that fruit you’ve brought back from another country, AVATAR will call you out on it.... READ ON
IBM and Rice University Team Up on a Robot to Care for the Elderly
The Watson-powered robot will directly aid both patients and their caregivers.... READ ON
As Japan's Population Shrinks, Robot Babies Are Gaining Popularity
Toyota just debuted a robot baby in Japan, designed to "bond" with its owners.... READ ON
A Soft Robot That Can Move Like a Human Thumb
It can bend AND twist, just like a biological finger or wrist.... READ ON

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