The Fierce Rapids of the Congo River Create New Fish Species
The turbulent waters divided a group of fish so thoroughly that they evolved into separate species.... READ ON
8 Refreshing Facts About the San Antonio River Walk
Introducing the Floating Hammock of Your Vacation Dreams
For when you want to be lazy (and dry) out on the water.... READ ON
Pretty Pictures
9 Satellite Images That Could Qualify as Art
Scenes from the USGS Landsat program.... READ ON
Artist Plans to Put a Pedestrian Walkway on Top of New York Harbor
A Kickstarter aims to fund a one-day pedestrian bridge over a 1400-foot-span of water between Brooklyn and Governor’s Island.... READ ON
See a River’s Path Change Over 30 Years
Peru's Ucayali River is changing rapidly.... READ ON
Ancient River Discovered Under the Sahara Desert
An Earth observation satellite turned up evidence of a 300-mile river network under the desert.... READ ON
Afternoon Map
Fancy New Maps Show the Width of North America's Rivers
New satellite image technology is helping researchers determine exactly how wide remote waterways are.... READ ON
13 Photos of California's Devastating Drought
2015 marks California’s fourth consecutive year of drought.... READ ON
The Stream Systems of the U.S. Visualized As Subway Maps
Why Do Rivers Curve?
8 Cool Natural Earth Illusions
A phenomenon called pareidolia is what makes us interpret random stimuli as something meaningful. Here are 8 fantastic examples of the phenomenon in nature.... READ ON
Miss Cellania
8 Underground Rivers
Rivers run underground all over the world. These occur naturally in cave systems, and have been known since antiquity, as evidenced in legendary myths of underground waterways such as the River Styx which forms the boundary between Earth and Hades. But this is about subterranean rivers that were once open to the sunlight and were buried by human hands (or heavy machinery). This happens when cities are built overtop, when wetlands are drained, and when existing waterways are consolidated and hidden to give p... READ ON

Graphene, a two-dimensional material the size of DNA strands, is being developed into efficient and hyper-small replacements for silicon to be used in computers and other electronics.

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